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Play-Doh Sweet Shoppe Frosting Fun Bakery : Review & a Giveaway

Frosting Fun Bakery

It's baking time!

We absolutely love to cook... But on the iPad via its various cooking apps. When Hasbro Singapore decided to let us have a go at their latest Play- Doh Sweet Shoppe Frosting Fun Bakery, we decided to put our culinary skills to the test.

Master chefs
Being little Master Chipmunks Chefs, we wasted no time in ripping off the box emptying the contents of the box to find out what we have to work with.
The playset includes 2 cans of standard Play-Doh compound and 2 standard cans of the new Play-Doh PLUS compound. It includes various baking tools such as cookie cutters in 4 different shapes, plastic knife, fork, plastic cake spoon, baking turntable, cake stand with a dome, dough extruder with four different tips and a muffin baking cup.
Ta-ta, we have a full bakery set up minus the oven.
The contents
We were most intrigued by the new Play-Doh Plus that's comes with the set. These 1oz compound in the purple cans are much softer and smoother than the original counterparts. We were told that these textures makes perfect frosting and decorative detailing for our creations. Do note the Play-Doh Plus compound is actually halve of the normal compound in volume.
Play-Doh plus
Setting up the bakery was a breeze without much need for instructions. Within a few nanoseconds, we are all ready to bake!
Can we play now?
The tool that made the most impact would be the dough extruder. We love how it makes realistic looking 'cream' for our cookies. It would be perfect if it is a tad thinner and shorter to fit our tiny hands.
Baking extruder creation : Heart cookie
It's time to let our imagination go wild with the mini bakery!
Time to work!
The Play-Doh Plus is perfect for making cream, it's so realistic to the point of making Didi hungry and yearning for a bite. Parents with younger kids do take note of this during play time.
If you are into cupcakes, the new Play-Doh Plus is excellent for making one. Check out our creation below.
The Final Product...
Realistic Cupcake
Cupcakes are not the only design we can make. With the various shapes cookie cutters and the baking molding trays, we are able to come up with a wide variety of food options such as muffins, gingerbread man and teddy biscuits.
Not bad for 2 young lads.
Our creation
Actually Mommy and Daddy got in the act as well , helping us perfect the creations. We think they might be closet bakers in real life.
Lelong, bakery is open
The set entertain us for a good half hour during the evening. The only thing that irks our parents is that they were the ones doing the cleaning up as it was past our bedtime... and cleaning up can be quite a task.

The Play- Doh compound, both old and new still leaves residue on the baking tools and not to mention the floor. Playing Play-Doh on carpeted floors are a big no no due to the little flakes that tends to get left behind.

Solution : use a big lump of Play-Doh to pick them up.
What's stuck?
We love the new Play-Doh Plus so much that we decided to be bakers for the next night. The only thing now is to see if it can withstand the test of time. Our original compound from our earlier Play-Doh sets have already harden as we had accidentally left the lid on the bottle open. Do remember to tighten those lids after you play!
A big thanks to Hasbro for providing us a set to review. The details of the playset are as follow:
PLAY-DOH Sweet Shoppe Frosting Fun Bakery Playset
Price $24.90
Available at :
Toys "R" Us and major department Stores.

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Wacky Giveaway
Calling all budding bakers.
We love to share what we reviewed with our readers. This time we managed to score 1 brand new set of Play-Doh Plus for a lucky fan. A special thanks to Hasbro Singapore for making this possible.
Just follow the following steps
1) Like The Wacky Duo Fanpage
2) Share this post via this link on our fanpage ( Click on the picture above for the link)
3) Comment on the same link when you have shared.
Remember good things must share ah...
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1 set for giveaway!
Giveaway ends 4th May 2359
Results out on facebook at the same link as above on 6th May. Winners are to contact The Wacky Duo by 11th May on delivery details, else giveaway will be forfeited and we reserve the right to choose another winner.
Updated 6th May : Congrats to Amie Chen ! Do Pm us with delivery details.

We were sponsored 1 set for play and review and another for giveaway. No one gave us any idea on what cupcakes to make nor dictate how we play. Any opinions are from our experiences as Master mini Chefs with the Play-Doh Frosting Fun Bakery


  1. Hope to win this from The Wacky Duo so I can have this much play-doh fun with my daughter too!

  2. Hi Rach, thanks for your comments. Do leave another at th link given to qualify, we are conducting the giveaway on facebook.

  3. Hi The Wacky Duo.. Thanks for e giveaway..
    Its a great bonding toy for me n e kids..
    Love to see Isaac n Shannon create some 'goodies'
    N have loads of fun with PlayDoh Fun Bakery!


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