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Say Cheese Singapore!

We love cheese.

It is part of our daily morning breakfast. It could be cheese with ham, a cheese sandwich of just the cheese itself.

SCS Cheese
 Imagine our delight when SCS send over a hamper of their Cheese!
They are mine!
SCS is having a 'Say Cheese Singapore!' campaign to promote cheese as a healthy snack option for children. Till date they have already reach out to 54000 school kids through road shows in schools and has plans to reach out to another 27 school visits by year end.
Introducing SCS Cheese
SCS is well known for it's butter in Singapore. Not many people are aware that they have cheese slices as well. In the hamper there are flavours such as original, reduced fat and exotic flavours such as black pepper and smokey bbq.

I am going to hoard them for myself. Sorry big bro!

All mine
There is an ongoing instagram contest called the "SCS Junior Sandwich making competition" . This 6 weeks contest requires parents and their kids to submit unique sandwich creations and include the hashtag #saycheesesingapore at instagram. The top 3 prizes includes a special birthday party each for 30 kids, as well as 50 consolation birthday vouchers worth $100 each.

To qualify, each instagram photo entry must be taken together with a pack shot of SCS Cheese slices to qualify.

Our first attempt was the rainbow ... er it did not turn  out as well as we imagined. We would most likely try another creation. But we have to hurry as contest ends tomorrow, 30th June!


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