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Swensen's "Jewels of the Moon " Ice-cream Mooncake

Gift from Swensen's
Mid Autumn Festival is about a month away. It is a time to bring out the lanterns to parade under the moonlight and to enjoy mooncakes under the Full moon.

This year, our Mid Autumn Festival had a head start with a box of ice-cream mooncakes from Swensen's known as "Jewels of the Moon"

What is in the box?
As this was our first ice cream mooncakes, we were wondering if it would melt when we collected the mooncakes from Ion. The mooncakes were packed into a box with dry ice, ensuring that you have a decent 1.5 -2 hours to reach home with the mooncakes intact. Since I am a fan of ice-cream, I can't wait for the taste test as soon we reach home.
I want this!
The "Jewels of the Moon"come in 6 flavours from Swensen's premium ice cream range. They included the Durian Royale, Sticky Chewy Chocolate, Chempedak Bliss, Cappuccino Cookies Crunch, Strawberry Fields Forever and Hazelnut Almond Delight.
We decided to choose the Durian for Daddy, the Hazelnut for Mommy, Chocolate for Kor Kor and Strawberry for me!
Jewels of the East
Since Mooncakes are meant to be feasted upon under the moonlight, we waited will night before our indulgence into these decadent mooncakes.
SWENSEN'S Ice Cream Mooncakes
The Ice Cream mooncakes were distinctively shaped like mooncakes with a prominent Swensen's logo visible from the top.
Power Durian
Daddy had his first bite into the Durain Royale and his first words was 'Shiok!'. He is no food connoisseur, but he knows a great dish when he saw one. The Durian fillings in the ice cream was generous, so much so one does not realise he is eating an ice cream mooncake.
As for the rest of us, we had initially wanted to go slow on the mooncakes, however we did have company over the weekends. Before you can say 'Happy Mid-Autumn Festival' , the mooncakes we had were devoured in a flash.
That was indeed a yummy treat for us. We might even pick up more as there is a discount for early birds. A box of 4 Jewels of the Moon is available for $29.80 with early bird discounts for various credit cards and Swensen's cool rewards and kid's club members. More information are available here
Swensens had kindly provided us a box of "Jewel of the Moon" for review. All opinions are of our own.

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