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Rasa Sentosa Resort : Deluxe Pool View Review

Rasa Sentosa Deluxe Pool View room
Following our introduction to our staycation in Rasa Sentosa, we would like to bring you a sneak peek at our Deluxe Pool View Room.

As we needed an extra bed for the 4 of us, we deliberately searched for rooms that could accommodate our preference. For Rasa Sentosa, the only rooms with an option for an additional sofa bed would be the Garden room or the Deluxe Pool View Room. We decided on the latter as it would provide more privacy than the Garden Room. It is also a cheaper option than the Garden room view.
The rooms were recently renovated and are clothed in warm brown hues. When we arrived, the extra bed was already set up. The extra bed was supposed to be for a child, but it should fit an adult. The 36 sqm room is relatively spacious, even with the additional bed.
There is. 2 door wardrobe with enough space to hang about 3 to 4 sets of clothes. Sufficient for a 2 to 3-day stay.
The room also has a built safe and iron for personal use. Given our previous experiences with hotel theft, a safe is a must in any hotel.
Complimentary bottled water.
There are a few noteworthy 'freebies' in the room. First up are the. Standard complimentary drinking water.
Nonya Kuehs
We love the Nonya Kuehs that comes as a welcoming dessert.
Mini bar
The thing that impressed us most was the healthy stock minibar. The first round of mini bars is complimentary. You get 2 cans of Coke, 1 Sprite, 2 bottles of Orange juice and 2 bottles of Apple Juice. Sweet!
Coffee or tea
The Coffee and Tea selection is healthily and stocked for a 3 day stay.
Power plug
For travellers, there are plugs and a broadband connection in the room. However, in this day and age, most would prefer wi-fi, and we are pleased that there are free Wi-Fi connections in the Shangri La Rasa Sentosa Resort.
Hair dryer
Hair dryers are included as well. The room is pretty well stocked and covers most bases.
Adult and child slippers
One thing we note is that the room amenities were very child friendly. There are slippers and bathrobes provided for young kids. Great for a visit to the pool.
See-through toilet
Another thing that fascinated us would be the see-through toilet. This is another reason why staying in a pool view room is better than a garden room view. The bathroom blinds were up most of the time as it allowed our parents to keep a close watch on us.
See-through toilet
The marble-clad bathroom comes with a shower and even a bathtub. Shangri La branded amenities were provided along with lush toilets for baths.

The bathroom may not be as spacious as other hotels we had seen, but again it comes with kid-friendly touches such as the step stool from Ikea.
Step stool
Lastly, the room comes with a balcony looking out to the pool. Unfortunately, there isis no shelter on the balcony,, so be aware of that,, especially when you hang clothes outside to dry.
We hadae room thatwass almost to the end of the corridor. So on one hand, it is rather far to walk from the lift, but on the other hand, it does provide a panoramic view of the hotel.
Rasa Sentosa Resort
Overall the pool view room at Rasa Sentosa is comfortable. If you have a family of 2 little kids (below 8), this is an excellent option to consider when you opt for a staycation in Rasa Sentosa.
Time for a nap!
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  1. Thanks for this great review! The details on the family friendly additions are just perfect, love that they have such attention to detail (even the IKEA step stool). Your room looks huge, this is a room and not a suite, correct? My family and I just came back from a staycation at Ocean suites, loved every bit but it was not as child oriented as yours. We resorted to carrying down a outdoor sidetable for my son to stand on so that he could reach the sink to wash his hands! My husband and I were just saying that we would love to do another sentosa staycation but probably won't splurge again on Ocean suites.. this review will really help us with our next staycation planning. Thank you!

  2. Ocean suite is definately bigger, but I don't think you can put a double bed in there. The rooms are decent size, but may look a little bigger on photo due the the angle taken. Nevertheless, we do think rasa is a good place for a staycation :)


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