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Legoland Waterpark Malaysia Review

Media invite

 Introducing the latest LEGOLAND latest incarnation in Asia - LEGOLAND Waterpark Malaysia

Officially opening on 21st October, it is located right next to our favourite LEGOLAND Malaysia, this will be the largest LEGOLAND Water park in the world till date and the first LEGO Water park in Asia . Get ready for 20 riders and attractions with over 70 LEGO models!

When the Wackies first heard about this new attraction across the causeway, we were clamoring for a visit. During the weekend, we were invited to have the first dips into the Water park before the actual opening. Obviously it was an invitation we could not resist.

After a splashing good time, here is our field report.

The Water Rides

The water rides are mainly targeted at children age 2 to 12 . The Water rides are divided into 3 different segments - Rides for Everyone, for little kids and for bigger kids (Height above 42 inch or 107cm)Get your wetsuit on and here we go!

For Everyone in the family
  • Build-A-Raft River

Build your own raft with LEGO® and cruise down a lazy river

The ride has only one entrance and exit. It is a round trip around the lower compound of LEGOLAND Water Park. Although it has only 1 entry / exit, it is not too bad as the whole 'journey' takes less than 10 minutes.

Child under 6 accompanied by adult.
 Above 107 cm not allowed unless accompanied by a child.

  • Imagination Station

Let your imagination flow, build cities and bridges or become a conductor of water symphony. Thereafter start shooting!

Somehow, this had the boys utmost attention. This is probably due to the Lego bricks available for play here.

  • Joker Soaker

There are water playground and there is Joker Soaker. Probably the biggest water structure we had seen to date. Numerous slides protrudes from all angles of this water playground. Look out for the big splash from the 350 gallon bucket.

The 'pool' is rather deep so we do advice not to leave your 3 year old child on his/her own here.
Min Height 102 cm for unaccompanied child
  • LEGO® Wave Pool

This is the mini version of the wave pool suitable for kids of all ages. The waves are gentle yet interesting enough for the children to feel like they are at the sea.Child under 107 need to be accompanied with adult

For the Little Tots
  • Dulpo Splash Safari

Have little tots in tow?

This will be their sanctuary. Toddlers rule here! 

Probably the only water play on the park suitable for 4 and under. Mini slides available here.

For the Bigger Kids
Water Rides at LEGOLAND Waterpark
What are water parks without slides?
For the mini trill seekers in your child, do check out these rides.
  • Twin Chaser

Ride side by side in enclosed 130 ft tube into the wading pool

Min Height : 102 cm
  • Splash Out

For trill seeking kids. Choose from 3 different slides for a 60 ft drop
Min Height : 102 cm
  • Red Rush

A family tube slide for 4. Ride down a 312 foot long curving track for a rush.

Min Height : 102 cm
  • Brick Blaster
Up the Brick Blaster
Grab your friends and a tube to head down to 2 tunnels of exhilarating fun!

Min Height : 107 cm
  • Splash 'N' Swirl
Splash N Swirl - Together with Wave Rider and Tidal Tube

Swirl Swirl Swirl - Just don't get too dizzy after!

Min Height : 107 cm
  • Wave Rider
Slide down 240 feet in this open tube into a body of water

Min Height : 107 cm
  • Tidal Tube
The dark version of the Wave Rider. Same 240 feet into a closed tube

Min Height : 107 cm
  • LEGO® Slide Racer

Race down in groups of 5 on a mat and see who is the fastest slide racer.

Min height :107 cm

Surf and Turf 

If you are feeling hungry, there are 2 options at LEGOLAND WaterPark
  • Beach ' N ' Brick Grill

The main restaurant serving a mix of Asian and Western meals. Go for the combo meals (From RM 22), they are worth the buck as they come with a drink and fruit cup. Kids combo (RM15) are served here as well.

We think the food is delicious and worth the buck!

Limited seating. Expect long queues near lunchtime time
  • Brick Bay Cafe

Mainly serving sandwiches and light meals. Get you speciality beverages such as ice blended drinks here.

  • Brickwater Beach Wear

This place is stock with swimsuits in various sizes should you need one. There are LEGO on sale, but they are smallish items like keychains, water bottles and limited sets. If you are looking for LEGO, the main store is a better bet.

Tips and Pointers for a splashing good time
  • Cabanas

Cabanas are available for up to 4 guests. Each 10X 10 cabanas features two deluxe chaise lounges, two seating chairs, two complimentary towels, safe deposit box and one table with DULPO bricks or play. 10 complimentary mineral water bottle will be provided along with a mini fridge. Rental at MYR300 for full day and MYR 150 for half day.

  • Floatation device

Life jackets are available. Only official approved life jacket allowed so let your floats at home.
  • Food and drinks
Outside food are not allowed. Food and dringks are available at Brick Bay Cafe and Beach N Brick Grill. Do note that seats are limited. The Beach N Brick Grill serves lunch combo and is a popular diner. Do eat early or eat later to avoid the crowd

  • Haystack Dryers
Want to dry up fast? Step into this cocoon. Only MYR $10 and you will be dry in a jiffy!
Dry fast here!
  • Height Restriction
Most rides comes with height restrictions. For those without, it is usually recommended to be parent accompanied. . Height restrictions range fm 102 to 107 cm depending on rides.

  • Lifeguards
Lifeguards are found in almost every corner of Legoland park including Dulpo Slash Safari. Look out for the men in white.

  • Lockers
Lockers are charged on a daily basis and it avaliable near BrickWater Beachwear. Lockers ar priced at Myr 20 for a small one to Myr 40 for a large one. If you are looking for toilets and changing rooms, they are located in the same area. Interestingly there is a huge family shower in the toilet. Greet for those with young kids! 
Lockers in LEGOLAND Waterpark

  • Lounge chairs

Limited and on a first come first serve basis. Found mostly near the wave pool. In addition, there are benches around the park
  • Models
Models @ LEGOLAND Waterpark
    Not of the human kind. Look out for over 70 new models at the Waterpark. Feel free to snap a souvenir photo with them.

    • Non swimmers
    Kids who are non swimmers are not recommend to take the slides for safety reasons. However we think with swimvest, there should be no issue. However do note that even if your child meets the height restriction, he/she may not be suitable for the ride. We know a few 3 year olds hitting 102 cm, but we are unsure if they are ready for the slides at LEGOLAND Water park.
    • Parking
    Park at Mall of Mendini or the designated Legoland carpark next to it. For annual pass holders, parking is complimentary at the designated Legoland Carpark. Remember to bring your ticket along to the ticketing office to swap for complimentary pass.
    • Shoe Racks
    Shoe Rack
    Worry about losing your shoes, just 'deposit' them in the shoe racks provided round the Waterpark
      • Sick to one park per day
      There is simply too much to explore for a first time visit! To get the most out of the experiences, we recommend one park at a time.

      • Strollers
      Allowed in the water park but there is limited parking space. From what we see, strollers are pretty unnecessary in this park.
      • Sunscreen
      Limited shades avaliable, so slap on the sunscreen.. Loads of it! We turned lobsters after only an hour under the sun.
      Your best bet for shades are at the wave pool or Beach N brick Grill. Alternatively rent a Cabana.
      • Swim wear
      Proper Swimwear is must at the rides and playground. Wet suits are only to be use at the Water playground and not allowed at the slides. Do note you need to be fully cloth at the entrance and exit and only change within the Waterpark premises.

      • Prices and admission

      Admission to LEGOLAND Water Park can be on its own or combine with LEGOLAND park.  
      Do note the tickets are to be purchased at the ticketing office at the Water Park located to the far left side of LEGOLAND entrance.

      Admission charges are as follows
                                                  Adults      Child

        Waterpark                       MYR 105  MYR 85
        Combo                             MYR 175  MYR 140
        Premium Annual Pass   MYR 395  MYR 395
          Advance booking on Legoland Malaysia web site has a 20% discount ( T & C applies)
          Opening hours : 10am to 6 pm including weekends.
          • Getting There

          If you are driving from Singapore, We recommend you to go before 9 am to skip the weekend queue 

          Final verdict
          A LEGO theme Water park would surely draw out the LEGO fanboys to this new attractions. However for younger kids below 4, the 'waterplay' is rather limited. For kids who meet the height requirement, this park will be a great way to introduce thrilling water slides to them. Overall we think older kids would have the lion share of fun at the Water park.

          Although the Waterpark is LEGO themed, with the exception of imagination station and Build-A-Raft river, there are limited opportunities to play with LEGO bricks. For us, it would probably be a deal breaker and we would prefer the original LEGOLAND if we need our LEGO fix. If it is thrills you seek, both are equally exciting and offer different experiences. 

          LEGOLAND Water Park is worth a visit.. You most likely would have a splashing good time at the spanking new Water Park!

          LEGOLAND Hotel Malaysia
          As for us , we are looking forward to the new addition to the LEGOLAND family in 2014. Watch this space for updates!


          1. LEGOLAND looks like much fun! Who can forget our childhood toy that could bring endless enthusiasm? :)
            P/S: Your sons are so boyishly cute!! :D


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