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Studio.Me @ City Square Mall [Review + Giveaway]

If you had been with us long enough, you would have known that Daddy loves to take photos of us. 

Photos capture memories that otherwise may just fade into the abyss of our mind in the future. We simply love taking photographs to remind us of where we have been or what we have done.

However being youthful, we do have dreams of playing basketball, going all round the world, be on magazine covers and being superstars. It is all a fantasy to us, but we do wish we are able to capture those dreams as well in print.

When Studio.Me offered us a complimentary photo session, we were all geared for another photo-shoot. Little did we realise that our dreams are about to become reality...
Studio.Me is located at City Square Mall, a mall we deem as happening and very kids friendly due to the numerous times we had been there.

The photographer
When we reached Studio.Me, we were expecting to meet our photographer but instead we were told that we are the photographer. We were given a quick lesson on how to use the self shoot machine.

It was a simple 1-2-3 step that even little ones like us are able to master in a jiffy.
1- Choose
2- Start
3- Pose
For a clearer illustration, this useful guide from Studio.Me would come in handy.

Souce : Studio.Me

We think this is ingenious way of taking photograph. We choose and create our own setting and be our own photographer all in one.
Unity Studio

Unity Studio (shift down)
There are 3 main studios located at Studio.Me. We were bought to the largest one called Unity Studio. On one side of the wall are the props, tv screen and the camera. Located on the other end is a green background quite like the green screen you see when shooting special effects movies or pictures. Already we are intrigued... Are we just taking photo against a green background?

Large Mickey and Minne Props
The green backdrop is actually used for the projection of special effects. After a few shots, we realized we can be transported from one scene to the next with ease. Within minutes, we are off shooting away.
Just a side note, don't wear green for the photo-shoot else you will fade into the background.

Our new room

Each studio at comes with a different theme, the Unity Studio measures 110 square feet and fits up to 8 people. There is a curtain available provided for privacy and left to our own devices, we decided to live up to our namesake... Being 'Wacky!'
There are 16 themes for you to choose in Unity. They range from scenes from overseas to whimsical backdrops of balloons. We think this studio is most suited for families, couples and children as it brings us across the world in one session.

Props such as violin, luggage, hats, masks, and even a giant Mickey and Minnie are provided. We were told props will be upgraded from time to time. Since props are provided, you just need to turn up and ready to go.

All photos are in portrait mode.
Pop Studio

Pop Studio
Next up is the Pop Studio.
This is a slightly smaller studio measuring 80 square feet and fits up to 6 people. There are 16 themes in this studio as well. If you are into movies, magazines, sports and pop culture, this studio will be the one for you.

All photos are in portrait mode.

Ready, Get Set, Go!

After the session at Unity, we are now pros and using the self taking machines. It is really easy to be our own photographer.

5 seconds
Do note you have only 5 seconds to give your best pose!

The Pop Studio comes with props including hats, signs, Supermario props, wigs, guitars and much more.

This studio is recommended for couples, friends and families. However we think it is cool for kids as well. Just check out our photos.
Pop culture

Spotlight series

Magazines series

We are on the cover of magazines!
Sports series

Move over LeBron James
Our favourite shot is the family Photo we took with a city backdrop.
Totally awesome!
We think this would be our favourite studio amongst the three.

Icon Studio

Icon Studio
The smallest studio at Studio.Me would be the Icon Studio.

In this studio, you get to be part of the movie, a musician, a tv star or have a fight with a dinosaur and the Great White Shark. The 16 themes are related to funky scenarios and perfect for groups of friends or teenagers.

Check out my funky hair
Props include bench, electric guitars, hats, wigs, Emmy statutes, machine gun and more.
Look who's on the telly?
The photos taken are landscape as compared to the other studios that are in portrait mode.

Al Capone
Movie series

We really enjoyed ourselves during the photo-shoot. It is a liberating experience being our own photographers.
Emmy award winner
And the best part... We get to keep all the photos on a mini DVD.
All images on a DVD.
For bookings , you can choose any studio you fancy. Each session last about 30 minutes. You can only choose 1 studio per session and should have the flexibility to combine sessions.

The packages start from a decent $ 29.90 upwards for a weekday session and $39.90 upwards for a weekend sessions. If you book a session with them, you can keep all the 'wacky' shots you have taken with the session (We estimated 40 to 50 photos per session). You can use or share in whatever way you want, except for commercial use.

For the price, we think it is a great way for you to experience studio photography. It is different compared to a normal studio session, but it guarantees tons of delight and great photos. We reckon this will make a great gift for that someone special too.

Print them and hang them!
You have the option to print your photos into large photo sizes or concert them to canvas printing. Price wise we think it is competitive and we heard some wedding studios had also used them for printing. (Yes, you can bring your own photos for them to print)

Upsize your package
In addition to the studio shots, there are 2 special packages offered at the studio. The first is the "Graduation package" for taking graduation photos with fitting graduation backdrops. The second is "Around the World in 30 minutes" where you will be transported to places around the world.
For full rates and terms, check out the following links

Graduation Package
Around the World in 30 Mins

Special packages
For those interested in movie , the shop also packs movie posters and movie memorabilia.
We spotted some 'Despicable Me' Minions and some magic wands from Harry Potter on sale.
Movie memorabilia
Studio.Me is located at

City Square Mall
#04-17 ( opposite Daiso)
180 Kitchener Road Simgapore 208539

Operating hours : 1130am to 930pm
Contact : 65099973
Email :
A Sepcial Thanks to our pals from Sengkang Babies who had arranged this! address
Wacky Giveaway
Studio.Me had given us the opportunity to turn dreams and fantasy into reality. Now they would like to extend this opportunity to you as well. In collaboration with Studio.Me , we will be extending 1 studio session (any Studio of your choice) worth $49.90 to 3 of our readers.

Simply do the following to qualify
1) Like Studio.Me Fanpage (
2) Like TheWackyDuo Fanpage
3) Like and Share the Photo Above on Facebook
4) When the above is done. Leave the message " Shoot me!" on the facebook photo post.


  • Jolin Poon
  • Angela Tan HuiMin
  • Paul Tnk

Do drop us an email here or drop us a message at facebook with your email address, real name and contact number by 27th Oct else prize will be forfeited.

Terms and Conditions
  • Winners will be randomly selected by The Wacky Duo and the decision is final
  • The above steps must be completed else the prize will be forfeited
  • Contest close on 20th Oct and the winners will be announced on this post on 23rd Oct
  • 1 Winner per household address. Open to residents of Singapore
  • Winners to respond by 27th Oct else prize will be forfeited
The Wacky Duo were invited to a test run of all three studios for the purpose of this review. No Monetary incentives were given and all opinions are of our own.


  1. Glad your family loves the experience too :)
    On hindsight, we should have worn our footwear haha.

    cheers, Andy (SengkangBabies)

  2. Thank u for sharing. This is a great venue to bring my family. Awesome!

  3. Hi

    Is it possible to get passport photo there??

    1. Not quite sure as this review was done a few years back...


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