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Montigo Resorts Batam : Facilities review

Resort Map
Every time I bring this name up, the boys would have their eyes lit up.. The fond memories of diving into our own personal pool still resound in their thoughts... We still could not believe that paradise is just a mere 30 mins for Singapore.

We had introduced you the villas of Montigo resorts... Now it is time to showcase their supporting cast; the facilities around this wonderful getaway.
The first thing you would see at the entrance is the lone tree that acts like a pretty canvass to a world of pure bliss. The lobby is situated at the side with ample seats.
Do note that check in time is at 2 pm. So if you choose an earlier boat ride, you might end up waiting a bit for check in.
The lobby
Upon checking in, you will be transported to your villa via buggies that are readily available.
Olio kid's club
Olio kids club
Being the Wackies, the first thing we instinctively search for would be facilities for kids. So when we learn that there is a Kids Club in the premises, it was a no brained that it would be our first destination during the exploration of the resort.
Kids club level 2
The kid's club is housed in a 2 storey wooden hut. The main indoor play area is on level 2.
Let's play
There are pockets of play area comprising of toys, , books, paint stations , huge teddy bears and open spaces. There are (chargeable) activities available for kids for those who want a short term drop off service. However these are for children age 5 and up, as such we did not get to try these during our stay.
For the adults watching over us, there is a bar on site for a relaxing drink or two while they keep their watchful eyes over us.
Granted that there are sufficient toys to keep us occupy on the 2nd floor, it is still not enough to divert us from the awesome slides . There are two slides located on one side of the hut for those more active children.
Slide time
Obviously there are ladders leading up to the slide, but we guess someone forgot to mention that to Little Lo.
Wrong way up!
There are also a few cubicles housing xbox on site. We had not asked about the available titles. Since this was a holiday, it also meant it is time to detox from the gadgets we are used to back home.
Xbox room
We reckon a roam around the kids club beats a game of xbox anytime.
Roam about the club
There is also waterplay at the club. However it was a tad deep so do keep a watchful eye on the little ones (3 and below). There are no staff around this waterplay area, so we recommend parents to not stray too far from the children during their playtime.
Water play
Little toilets for kids are available in case on emergency...
Montigo is less than a year old, but there are some signs of wear . We spotted a large crack on one of the ladders leading up to the slides. This is potentially dangerous for those climbing monkeys kids.
Ops a crack ...
Swimming pools
Swimming pools
It took us quite a while before we were convinced to explore the rest of the resorts. It took the magical words 'swimming pool' to convince us hat there are more play options for us at Montigo.
It was a little disheartening to know the first pool we saw was meant for adults (16 and above ) . However we do recognized that adults need their space as much as we need ours so we respect that option.
Tiigo bar and pool
The Tiigo bar and pool looks like a charming area for a couple or a group to party and unwind.
Tiigo pool
There is a soccer table and a chill out bar area reminisce of a Bahamas beach setting.we heard that there is a DJ spinning records every Friday and Sat from 6pm onwards.
Tiigo bar
Yeah, we know we are not allowed near the premises.. but ...
No Kids Please!
It's time to explore our turf... The main swimming pool.
Main swimming pool
This circular pool has a unqiue feature. It has 2 different height pool on each sides. It has a ankle deep pool perfect for little tots on one side and a meter deep pool for swimming on the other. Needless to say, we did have a dip to try out the pool.
Swimming time!
Should you require a little retail therapy, there is a small shop located near Tiigo. You can also plan a trip to one of Batam malls via their complimentary transfer to town. Do check with the resort on timing and availability.

There are other activities you could do outside the resort. They include Sunset cruises, jungle trek, Golf Batam tour, Kampong adventure, water sports and more. We decided to skip those for now as we simply could not resist the allure of the resort to do the rest of the stuff.
We had our daily breakfast ( provided ) at Tadds.
This is also the place where you could get your Asian and Western fare during the rest of the day.
The menu is similar to what you can get for private dining in Villa. So if you are feeling lazy and hungry, just pick up the phone for a cozy meal in the Villa.
Asian and Western fare
Panta @ Montigo

Taste wise, we reckoned the food is as good as it can get.

Tadds is located near the main swimming pool.

Alternatively, you could opt for Chinese/ Local seafood at Panta.Panta is located one floor below the lobby.

It is best to dine the in the evening where you can have an awesome view of glittering Singapore at the balcony seats.
Chinese food
The food price in the resort is rather wallet friendly. Most of the dishes we had cost under $20. For a more extravagant affair, you can also opt for in villa BBQ, where chefs would personally come to your villa to prepare a meal under the stars.

Dining is also available at the adults only bar, Tiigo.

Spa location
Sometimes adults need pampering too. Spa services is found in the resort with rooms for couples or groups. Unfortunately Mom and Dad had to be contended with our own personal massage services as we could not leave them out of our sight.

In all honesty, this was probably the major letdown of Montigo. The beach was almost nonexistent. . At high tide the tiny beach looked pristine. Reality set in when the tides recede and the ugly dark sands dominate the landscape. It would be great if this could improve.

It will definitely raise the profile of Montigo as a great seafront getaway WITH a beach, rather than just a great seafront getaway... PERIOD. 

For those thinking if they should book a hilltop, hillside or seafront villa ( with or without a spa villa) , below is a comparison of the villa locations with the hilltop villas on the right and the seafront villa on the left.

In terms of room sizes, they are similar in this 88 villas compound. In terms of privacy , the seafront will be the most private followed by the hilltops.
To clear all doubts, the villas are the undisputed STAR of Montigo Resorts.
Montigo Resort villas
And if you are like us, who fell in love with the resort, you might like to own a piece of this paradise. The villas were sold out but they are building new residences. Prices starts from Sgd 388,000 for a one bedroom residence.

And if you do buy them, we would be most willing to rent it from you for short escapades from Singapore. Otherwise we could always give up our daily milk supply and save for it...

Buy a piece of Montigo

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