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A Valentine's Day Love Letter

Happy Valentine's Day !

Yup, it's February 14th once more. The day that is destined to be the one to profess your endearing love to your beloved. Honestly, you should do it everyday instead of just one special day. Nonetheless it is still a great excuse to dedicated this post to the one I love... The woman that enchanted me , the wife that chose to lead a life together and the mother of our children. Last but not least , the love of my life.

It started with a Kiss
If you would like a glimpse into our love story. I had written it on the journal here and here.
I had written letters to sons too for good measure. Today, I bring to you the first open letter to my beautiful wife. If truth be told, we do write to each other a lot during the early days, before the arrival of our firstborn. Since then parenthood had taken over our romantic honeymoon notions. It is a complete different world compared to the past. I do miss the carefree 'we' time but the new memories made with the fruits of our love were worthy replacements.


Letter to Wife

The Woman
Dearest love

To the one that captured my heart. It had been quite a while since I last wrote you a decent letter. It was so long till I cannot remember the last one that was written. Hopefully you will be surprise by this as much as I miss writing to you.

You made me fluttered at those early days. The long coffee/tea sessions, the dance classes, the dates are but elaborate acts that intertwined my heart into yours. It had been an amazing 11 plus years since we first had our first date. Yet it will always be etched fresh on my memory. There may be hiccups along the way , but you had took the courage to be with me. It was a challenging start, but it is still going strong. Every minute spend with you is a well-earned prize.

We may not be childhood sweethearts. I am thankful that with God's grace, we were given the opportunity to meet and fall in love at the latter stage of our lives. Thanks for letting me into your heart and for giving me the key to the pursuit of happiness.

The Wife
10 Years ago you said YES. By saying 'I do', you had accepted my flaws. In these 10 years, you would have probably found more faults in me. Yet you quietly absorbed the discovery and continue to show your support. One thing for sure, you have blossomed through these years, from a pretty bride to be a beautiful and understanding wife.

Being a married couple may have ironically softened the flame of romance. There were lesser flowers , fanciful dates and surprises as we surrendered to time... or the lack of it especially when the boys arrived. Yet know in your heart, the love remains. It goes stronger, as a whole and in the many bits and pieces we accumulated throughout these years. It is in the morning breakfasts that I would buy, the shirts/ties that you would choose and the evening kisses that we share.

Our love is in the simple little things that add up the sum of us. You had said we are opposites in many ways, yet it never fails to amaze me how we would come up with similar solutions without a discussion. It feels like you are a part of me as I am yours. The knowledge that we are there for each other regardless of highs or lows makes this union perfect. I am truly blessed for you to be my wife.

The Mother

I could never imagine in my marriage life that I would have 'competition' for your heart. These rivalries came not from one man but two! Well technically they are still boys but they prove to be quite a match for a grown man like me. Luckily for me , they call you Mommy instead of Darling. Still I would reckon that they would love to have this day with you exclusively, for you to be their Valentine (till they find one of their own).

You are a wonderful Mom and you deserve to be their Valentine as much as I am honour to be yours.I guess I would just learn how to share...

The Love of my life

It had been quite a ride, but we are just warming up. If this was a journey, let us continue and explore what lies ahead. The destination is not important; it is the company that matters. If life is a painting, I am the brush and you are the colours. It is the life with you that paints a wonderful picture of vivid hues that will be the masterpiece that represents our love.

On hindsight, you could technically say we had a whirlwind romance yet through the passage of time we will prove that it is everlasting love. The love may had evolved throughout the years... but one thing would never change. You are the Love of my life.

A rose by any name would smell as sweet,
our love by any form would be as bless
Happy Valentine's Day! 

It is said not to take your love ones for granted, no matter how certain you may be. Thus before I end off, there is an important question I need to ask...

Lovingly yours

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  1. Aww so sweet ! Happy Valentine's Day to you and the missus :)

    Ai @ Sakura Haruka

    1. Thanks Ai! Happy Valentine's Day to you and your family too!

  2. Wow M, never knew you to be the poetic type, so many kisses in your post :)
    You are setting the benchmark for the boys, if and when they need some guide on Loving their partner :)

    cheers, Andy

    1. My favourite book when I was studying was Shakespeare As for the kisses, my initial draft has double the amount but I guess that might be a tad too much : )

  3. Cool post! :) U drew the picture yourself?

    1. Yep Ed. Drew on the ipad using the paper app,


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