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Foodpanda Singapore [ Review and Vouchers Giveaway ]

If you have kids, you would know that eating out is usually a luxury. It is not an easy task to prepare 2 adrenaline filled wackies for a trip out PLUS to search for the right restaurant in terms of food and ambience. In addition, if it is a public holiday, a simple meal out could have been a nightmare given long queues and limited restaurant choices.

Hence every once in a while, we would order food for home delivery. Most of the time we would use the phone to call. However when it comes to the holiday period, these calls could almost take forever to connect .As it happened during the CNY Weekend, we decided to eat in as most restaurants were closed. It was almost mission impossible to find decent food to eat anywhere, yet alone call through a hotline to place orders for food.

It was then we discovered
Since most of us have access to Smartphones or tablets, ordering via Foodpanda was a breeze. It just took us 3 steps to get the food hot and fresh to our doorsteps.
  • Enter your postcode
  • Choose from the list of restaurants that are available
  • Take your Pick from the menu and place the order
Deals of the week
In addition to the ease of ordering, you can also view deals of the week at a glance. It is definitely much better than viewing 200 different websites to get the best bang for your bucks. Some of these offers are exclusive to Foodpanda too!

The selection of restaurants is quite extensive with over 200 + restaurants listed. You can say bye bye to Fast Food delivery especially when there is good mix of Singaporean, Western and Eastern restaurants listed with Foodpanda. Best of all, by entering the postal code, it will show you restaurants that are open and will deliver to your vicinity. Given how busy a Daddy can get with kids, this time saver is indeed welcoming.
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For apps fans, you can download the foodpanda apps via Google Play or iTunes.
We decided to use the foodpanda app on iTunes

Within a few clicks, we source out a great deal from Sarpino's Pizzera and decided that would be our feast for the evening.

Upon checkout, you can determine the payment option to be either Cash on delivery, online payment or PayPal. Our orders were done within a mere 10 minutes inclusive of registration. Upon ordering, we received an SMS indicating the time of arrival (120mins)

The Delivery
CNY Meal ordered from Food Panda
We were pleasantly surprised that the delivery took about 40 mins earlier to arrived. Every thing we ordered are in place and the food was warm as how it was served back in a restaurant.

This was our first time ordering from online delivery and we were totally pleased with the experience. We think Foodpanda is awesome to the max given how it exceed our expectations. The following are reasons why we love Foodpanda
  • Wide Selection of restaurants to choose at one site
  • Fast Delivery Time - Faster than anticipated ( Great for the hungry boys!)
  • Deals of the week at a glance
  • Price similar to original Vendor
  • Preorder food for specific delivery is possible. Great for planning a mini party!
Would we use Foodpanda again?
You bet! Especially when we get a $15 voucher if we order 5 times from them under the loyalty program.
You simply can't argue with Great Food at a Good Price !
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Disclaimer : does not guarantee the quality or delivery of food ordered from the vouchers. Post is made base on own personal experience.


  1. Thank you for the recommendation. Would love to try Food Panda one day.

  2. Can you compare between Food Panda, Deliveroo, What to Eat Delivery, and Hawker Today and review about these few delivery firms??? :-)


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