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The Ant and the Grasshopper Musical review

 Over the weekend, we hopped to Jubilee Hall at Raffles Hotel to catch 'The Ant and the Grasshopper'. This musical is based on the famous Aesop's Fable of the same name. The production was performed by I Theatre.

Ever since our first foray into children musical via Cat in the Hat, we caught the theatre bug. When told we will be watching another musical, our interests had been piqued. The question is.. Will this musical live up to our sky high expectations?
Jubilee hall
Promising a fast paced and interactive musical, this 50 minute production aims to explore the key themes of hard work, friendship and generosity. With a pair of busy bees kicking off the show , we were not disappointed and were buzzing throughout the show.

If you had read the story, there are 2 main characters. Mrs Antoinette the Ant and Criminy the Grasshopper. The former is a hard worker who never had time to relax or play and the latter is one who enjoys his carefree day in the Summer sun. Come winter, the tables are turned and nearly led to the end of one.

The stellar cast did well to bring the story across. The Grasshopper was the standout with his crispy clear light-hearted songs. His friends the caterpillar and the pair of buzzing bees provided comedic relief in this light hearted musical.

Least you think this is musical for kids, adults enjoyed the show too especially when the glamorous ladybug made her appearance. Her outlandish disco inspired moves and dramatic exits bought guffaws throughout the hall.
The Ant and the Caterpillar
At the end of the day, the family enjoyed the performance. We learn that it pays to be hardworking, yet we need to find balance in life. In addition, we witness that change could be positive and we should not be afraid of it.

It was an afternoon well spent.

The show will end its run on 15th March. Extra shows are added due to popular demand on the 15th March. For more information, refer to

On our way out, we spotted this . Ace festival is coming to town from 21 May to 8 June. We have our eyes on Puss in Boots for the next school holidays!

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