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Tokyo Disneyland Parades


During the Christmas season last year, we visited Tokyo Disneyland. 

This is one of our 10 attractions for kids in Tokyo.  Of course, many would go to Disneyland for their rides. However, queues were super long ( even during weekdays) and thus limited the number of rides per trip.
Other than the rides, Disneyland is also famous for its parades. Luckily, the boys are more into the trains than the rides. This was a blessing as we were treated to a triple Christmas celebration.

Happiness is here 30th Anniversary Parade.
Happiness parade
The Parade is held once every 30th year! No, the parade commemorates Tokyo 'sDisneyland's 30th year in business.
Happiness parade
Dubbed the Happiness place on earth, Tokyo Disneyland has entertained children ( some now adults) for the past 3 decades. We love the catchy " Happiness is here!" song for this Parade.

The Parade featured well known Disney cast. Can you spot them?
Disney characters
Santa Village Parade
Santa Village Parade
Since it is Christmas, another other parade is known as Santa Village Parade. This time the Disney characters are clothed in Christmas outfits to entertain.

We loved these theme parades. The last theme parade we watched at Tokyo Disneyland was Halloween 5 years back. 'Banzai Villians' still resonate in our heads to this day.
Christmas @ Disneyland
Here are some tips for watching the Parade. Be there at least 30 minutes early to get a good seat. The guests at Tokyo Disneyland are really serious about the parades and would already find a spot an hour before the show. Forget about sitting on benches or chairs. The best place would be right on the floor near the road.
Having fun
Remember your cameras. The Zoom lens works best here!

Electrical Parade Dreamlights
Light up!
OOYou are contented with 2 fabulous parades on any given day. But this is DISNEYLAND, and every day is exceptional here.
Stay through the night to catch the spectacular Dream Lights Parade.
Disney animals
Just check out these sights!
The genie
It would be an understatement to say the boys like what they see. They simply love the sights and sounds. With excellent choreographed dance moves and upbeat music, Disney parades are a must-see in Disneyland!

For now, we can only exclaim with glee
"Happiness is Here!!! "
More Floats
Winnie the Pooh
Toy Story
Remember to cap off the night with a dazzling Fireworks display!

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