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War of Roses @ Flower Dome

Knight at the entrance
So it begins...

The feud between The House of Lancaster and The House of York climaxes at the Battle of Flower Dome.

War of Roses
This is the battle for the throne of England. The Victor will be crown King and the defeated will be vanquish. Proudly displaying their emblems, the 2 warring parties feud. The House of Lancaster bath in the passionate Red Rose , Rosa Gallica will take on the pureness of the House of York clothe in White Rose, Rosa x alba.
The Battle begins
The battle begins.
White Rose
This is the War of Roses!
Red Rose
Take your side as fair maidens awaits the victorious knights.
Lady in Red
Fair Madien
For amongst them would be the future Queen of England.
A feast awaits the weary knights.
The Feast
But first , the epic battle will commence and the victor goes to the spoils.
Battle amongst the Roses
This is where History is made.
In the year 1485, Henry Tudor from the House of Lancaster rode into battle at Bostworth Field.
It is time
Facing the King of England, Richard III , this battle will conclude the war.
There can only be one
With bated breath, the knights take their positions for their one final charge.
War of Roses
Watched over by the people from towers afar...
who witness blood shed in all shades of RED
Shades of Red
They watched and they waited.
We ride
Till the Victor emerges... and they have a new king. The Red Roses from the House of Lancaster greeted their new leader of England... King Henry VII , the first Tudor King and the founder of the Tudor Dynasty.
Long Live the King!

The above short tale is a fictitious representation of actual events that happened in History. This month's display at the Flower dome is part of "Gardens by the Bay goes round the World" series for 2014. Starting from United kingdom, the War of Roses will be the showcase display from 26 Febuary to 6 April. The rose is the national flower of England.

Featuring over 60 varieties of roses, there are thousands of roses invading the Flower Dome. This is one display that invokes passion, rage and pride in a well known tale in English history. It is probably one of the better displays at the Flower Dome in recent times. The clever use of the iconic wooden horses from the Year of the Horse Floral Display is a plus for Eco-friendliness.
Facts of Rose
Other that the magnificent displays, there were shields of knowledge scattered around the gardens. From there you learn what each colour of a rose represents and the medical benefits of roses amongst others.

If you can, try to spot a Blue Rose amongst the roses. Tried as I did, I could not see the elusive rose. In case you are wondering, blue roses does not exist naturally. They are man made as one of ' the shield' will explain.
Facts about Blue Rose
It will make an educational trip for children if they visit the Flower Dome. Too bad the Wackies could not make it this time round. Nonetheless, for the closet shutterbug,it is indeed good photo therapy!

War of Roses
War of Roses
26th February - 6 April 2014
Opening Hours : 9 am to 9 pm
Flower Dome

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