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Healthy healing with Betadine


Remember the time when you were younger and had a nasty fall?

You know the one where you ran like the wind across the sandy playground and tripped over a rock.You bawled your eyes out when you saw a nasty cut on your arm. When your mommy saw that, she gave you a good lecture on how to run with your eyes open. This was followed by lovingly cleaning your wounds and subsequently applying a purplish iodine solution to it.

Within days of your wound slowly heals without any infections and you decided it is safe again to be The Flash till the next fall. Little do you realised that you were safe from infection due to the iodine solution that protects you from the possible germs, bacteria and virus from the cut.

We are protected!
When Little Lou had a nasty cut on his leg a few weeks back due to a misfiring scissors encounter, we realised that there was a lack of antiseptic solutions in our medical arsenal. A cut could bring infections especially if it was from rusty sources, infection is not a minor matter as it would lead to swelling and possible diseases if untreated.

I resorted to washing up the wound vigorously and thankfully he had healed.Thus when I was introduced to Betadine, my faded memories of the magical solution returned. This is the lifesaver that everyone should have in their medical kit and I am glad it is in ours.
Betadine antiseptic solution and swaps
Betadine has been in the market for over 45 years. It has been preventing infections from minor cut, graze and burn throughout this time. Application for wounds can be done in 4 simple steps
  1. Clean the affected area with water
  2. Disinfect with the Betadine antiseptic solution or swap stick
  3. Protect with the Betadine antiseptic ointment
  4. Cover with plaster if needed
I could not remember the name of the solution that my mom used. When I showed this to the wife, she immediately recognised it as the one that she used often when she was a child.That immediate tells me 2 things
  • Betadine would most likely be the brand my mom had used when I was younger
  • The 'clumsy' genes the boys had are most likely from their mom.

Other than the usual solution, we had also received a package of 12 antiseptic swab stick. I like how this swap stick is portable and disposable. I can always keep one handy with me in the bag. I just never know when It would be needed , especially since I have two wacky boys who do not know the meaning of pain.
Betadine Antiseptic solution is available at Guardian, Watson's and Unity. The Betadine antiseptic solution retails for $4.50 and the Betadine antiseptic swap sticks retails for $3.8. It never hurts to keep one handy as healthy healing starts with Betadine.


  1. Wow! The Betadine Antiseptic Solution is pretty convenient!

    1. It is Irene...just pop a stick into the bag and you are good to go :)


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