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Tulipmania with Miffy @ Gardens By the Bay

Tulipmania begins
Little Lou always has an interest in planting eversince his school gave him some seeds to plant in the garden( which unfortunately did not grow as plant and is buried deep in the soil). When the opportunity to be a gardener for a day to plant tulips for Tulipmania at GBTB, we instinctively grab the chance to do so.

Hyacinth Bulb
While Little Lou was expecting to put seeds into soil, I am no better as I was expecting to plant full bloom tulips on the garden bed. So naturally both of us were a little stump when we were presented with a tulip bulb.
Gardener for a day
Do you know it takes 7- 12 years to get a Tulip bulb to grow from a seed and blossom into a tulip?
Tulips usually bloom around April to May and would last for about a week or two.
Tulip bulb
Another interesting fact, Tulipmania was a term for the period in Dutch Golden age where eh contract prices for builds reached ridiculous levels ( at one stage a build goes for 10 times the annual income of a skilled craftsman) before it dramatically collapsed in 1637. This was the first recorded speculative bubble in economic history.
Bet you don't know that!
Hard at work
We quickly got up to speed with the task of planting these precious bulbs after a briefing by GBTB crew and start our gardening journey. This was one of the few times I get to spend one on one time with Little Lou as Big C was school-bound. As parents, it is good to spend some time alone with each individual child to bond, so we welcome this opportunity for a 'project' together.
Little Lou absolutely loved the task ahead!
My claws!
It helped too when we had a special guest arriving from Netherlands to join us during this planting day for Tulipmania.
Miffy , the cutesy white rabbit originated from Netherlands, decided to assist us during this tulip planting event.
Wolverine meet Miffy
Given Little Lou love for taking pictures with oversize stuffed personalities, he was more than delighted to pose with Miffy when given the chance.
Say cheese Miffy
He was not the only one as Miffy was swamped by fans during the short meet and greet. For those who want to have a selfie with Miffy, do note the dates Miffy will be making an appearance during Tulipmania at Gardens by the Bay.
  • Apr 20- Easter Egg Hunt at Gardens By the Bay
  • Apr 26 - Orange day at Gardens by the Bay
# Note - Miffy is not a meet and greet character . Additional charges may apply for the dates
Miffy directing the planting event
Under Miffy instructions , the little Garden Angels continued their gardening task on the flower bed.
As enthusiastic as Little Lou was, it may be quite daunting for him to plant the whole Flower Bed. Instead this task was left to the pros.
Gardener @ work
In no time , the tulips bulbs were neatly laid on the flower bed. It will take about a week for the tulips to bloom. So be prepare for a flood of colourful tulips when Tulipmania officially open at Flower Dome on 14th April.
The tulips are planted
But before we left for the day, Little L could not resist another photo opportunity with Miffy.
One more time Miffy
To say we had fun was an understatement. It was a good day for both Father and Son to share some precious moments.
As an added bonus , Little Lou was on the Straits Times the next day. You can see the body, the hair and the hands, but unfortunately not the face :p
We will be back for the full bloom next week!
Gardens by the Bay
14 April to 4 May 2014
Flower Dome
For the avid photographers , there is a contest during Tulipmania from 14th April. Stand a chance to win attractive prizes such as a trip to Amsterdam via KLM and Miffy merchandise. To participate , do the following
  • Share your Tulipmania photo on Instagram with the caption ‘Fly me to Amsterdam with @KLM because ________ (free format) #ilovetulipmania
  • Tag 3 friends to validate your entry
More details at the following link

Good luck and happy snapping!

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