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Volvo S60 D2 : Our First Diesel Ride

Volvo @ Wearnes automobile

Want to ride a Volvo for the weekend?

Now in Singapore, when someone offers you a free car, you take it, even if it is only for the weekend. However, as the cost of cars spiral upward with its ever-rising COE, the closest one may come to experiencing ownership of a new car would be a test ride. So even if it was only for 3 days, we gladly gave a resounding Yes for this super long test drive. If we like it, it could be our next family car...

Thanks to Wearnes Automobile, the car we drove over the weekend is the Volvo S60. Beforehe the car collection, we had already dreamt of taking it fol over the island.
 for a spinGuess our ride
The plan was simple. We would start from one side of the Island at Changi, take it for a spin on the ECP to the MCE and then the AYE to Jurong, then we would return via the PIE, make a detour at the BKE and back to the east via the SLE and the TPE. Seven expressways in a day!
D2: 59 % more mileage
After all, this is the D2 version of the Volvo S60, touted to give you 59% more mileage than an average petrol car. Moreover, this ride survives a roundabout trip from Penang to back on just one fuel tank!
Volvo S60
Our plans were extinguished with a massive downpour over the weekend.

Rainy weekend
That did not stop us from taking our ride for a spin once the skies cleared.
Strike a pose
Before we headed out to the sunset, we decided to explore the car interior.
The ride

The cockpit

The cabin was as grand as what Volvo is famous for. It may not boost the finest leather or chrome, but everything is well put together. Shedding the image as an old man's car, this car exudes modernism, as the digitally customizable dashboard demonstrates.

Just take your pick from elegance, eco or performance mode. Being a middle age dude, I would prefer elegance for its familiarity.
Customized dashboard

Other modern features include a keyless entry, start-stop, and blue tooth unit. In addition, its three-spoke steering wheel (with controls at your fingertips) and sports seats add youthfulness to its decor. With these features, young executives would feel at home in the front seat.


The centre console, seen as the central control unit for the car's functions, isis well laid out and uncluttered. Controls are well within reach of the driver and the front-seat passenger. If there is one thing to gripe about, it would be the lack of a GPS system on the seven-inch colour display unit. It could be quickly resolved by purchasing a separate GPS system.
For anyone with families, it is well-known that storage is essential in a car. You need space to store the extra set of clothing, the toys and the titbits necessary for a ride out. The standard storage is in the front compartment, the centre console and even the back seat. It is less spacious than other cars in the market, but it does its job.
As for the seating space, the Volvo S60 is a 5-seater. The front seats are sports seats with extra side support. The back seat is a little cramped for 5 full-size adults, but it is ample for 2 Wackies and another adult.

The Volvo S60 has a remote that controls the essential functions of locking/unlocking the car and the boot. Note that this is a keyless entry model; thus, fiddling with the remote is optional when opening and closing the door. However, this feature is helpful for those carrying a child in one hand and a bag of groceries in the next while attempting to open the car doors, which most parents would be familiar with.
Speaking of groceries, the car boot space is ample to fill a week's worth. The car boot can be remotely opened but could be improved with an auto-shut feature. In addition, the boot door is relatively heavy, and you need two hands to ensure it is closed.
As for safety, Volvo is renowned for being a tough car. Airbags are all around the vehicle to ensure a safe ride for the passengers.

The Ride
When I first heard that I would be test-driving a Volvo, I thought it would be a boxy affair. After all, Volvo car designs are synonymous with big and boxy. Given its grand stature and reputation, I always believe Volvo is a car for older folks. Admittedly I am not too far off from the perceived target market, but I was hoping it would be something more youthful to exhibit my younger side. Heh.

The old boxy Volvo

So when my eyes were set upon the new Volvo S60 D2, the whole perception was thrown out of the window. This Volvo has turned back the hands of time. Spotting a sporty and dynamic look, this could pass off as a coupe with 4 doors.

+1 for being good-looking ( The car, not me )

The new Volvo S 60 D2

In addition to its good looks, the Volvo S 60 also feature a 1.6-litre diesel engine.

1.6 litre + Diesel is not the exact formula you would expect a car to have. You may think it is underpowered and noisy too. However, technology has come a long way. The Volvo produces 270Nm of torque and 115 bhp. In other words, it is a decent ride, given its engine combination.

Is that a coupe?
Going from 0-100 km / h in 12.3 seconds, this fuel-efficient engine only needs 4.3L of fuel for every 100km of travel. It also helps that Diesel pump prices are almost 30% cheaper than the premier petrol. A Diesel car also means a savings of $15,000 for the CEVS rebate. Coming at SGD 180,000 (retail Apr 2014), the D2 version is almost $20,000 cheaper than its T4 (Petrol Version ) variant.

These extra savings come in handy for children's education in the future should one consider it a family car.
Black Beauty

The drive was rather pleasant. The steering is about right, not too heavy like a muscled continental car nor as light as the Japanese make. In addition, the City Safety mode makes the car automatically brake if the driver fails to react when the vehicle in front slows down or stops. This feature is definitely a plus safety feature for families with kids.
So what's the verdict for the car?

It is a good car and probably not targeted at the older crowd with its youthful exuberance. A compact executive car with good looks is more suited for the younger family man. However, with its cheaper operating cost than a diesel engine car, this option would be tempting for an economically savvy consumer who wants a respected marque for a family ride.

As for me, with age catching up, added to the need to accommodate my growing boys in the back seat, my preference for the next ride will be either an SUV or an MPV with a higher profile on the back for more space. With that said, I spotted my next potential ride at the Volvo Showroom at Alexandra Road, the Volvo XC 60... If only it comes in a D2 version.

I would have to wait till that day comes.

I want the XC 60!
TWD was invited to ride with Volvo for the purpose of this review


  1. BLUETOOTH ...cannot connect to samsung note and S5....same problem as merc

  2. bluetooth works fine.
    s60d2 + ss note 3.


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