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Ngong Ping 360

Ngong Ping 360
If you have been following our Hong Kong activities for kids, you would have noted that Ngong Ping 360 was one of the recommended activities for families. Truth be told, we are Cable Car nuts ever since we visited the Cable Car Museum @ Sentosa.

Let's go for a ride
Ngon Ping 360 consisted of Ngong Ping cable car and the Ngong Ping village. The cable car ride is a whopping 5.7km ride from Tung Ching to Ngong Ping. It may not be the longest car car ride in Asia, but it is the longest one we rode till date.
The whole ride takes about 25 minutes from Tung Chung up the mountains of Ngong Ping. If you were to take a bus ride from Tung Chung, it will take about an hour to reach there. Not to mention you would probably get a headache with all the twist around the mountain roads.
Into the heavens

A ride in the Ngong Ping cable car will undoubtedly be smoother and perhaps even more scenic. On the way up, look out for the airport nearby. It's a surreal sight to see airplanes taking off and landing while you are up in the air.
Take a ride.
You can chose between the standard cable car or the crystal cabin. The only difference is that the crystal cabin had glass floors. A round trip in a standard cabin cost HKD 150 per ride while a crystal cabin cost HKD 235. Guided tours are also available. On crowed days we recommend the crystal cabin as there are queue priorities for it. For our return trip we had to wait more Han an hour for a cabin back.

More pricing available here.
Each standard cabin is made to fit up to 17 people! Fortunately when we there, they allow only up to 10 people (sitted) per cabin.
See the Buddha
One of the highlights of the ride would be the view of the Big Buddha from the cable car. There are guided tours should you wish to make a trek there.
Ngong Ping village
The other attraction would be the Ngong Ping Village. This is a small cluster of shops and restaurants on The mountains for visitors to take a break.
Ngong Ping Village
Unfortunately as we took a late afternoon ride, we had to immediately queue up for the ride down due to the massive queues. Thus we could not explore the shops or even Ngong Ping itself. Do make sure you plan your time properly else you may get stuck up the mountains for night!
Since we could not settle down for a meal, we did the next best thing. Pose with a meal!

Tips for Ngong Ping 360
  • Go early ( preferably in the morning)
  • Avoid peak hours
  • Take the glass cabin if you are traveling late for a shorter queues
  • Bring a camera
Ngong Ping 360
Do check with Ngon Ping on the ride avaliability as there are days the ride may close for maintenance. After the ride, we recommend shopping therapy at one of HK largest outlet mall located at the base of Tung Ching, Citigate Outlet Mall. Alternatively , if you have time, plan a visit to the nearby Noah's Ark instead.
The easiest way to Ngong Ping 360 is via the MTR. Just take the Tung Chung line all the way to the last train station
Ngong Ping 360
The view

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