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Noah's Ark Hong Kong Theme Park Review

Noah's Ark
The Journey

Most people would be familiar with Noah's Ark . Noah's Ark is the vessel in the bible build by Noah to save his family and a pair of the world's animals from the great flood.

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Given its biblical roots, it is surprising that Noah's Ark can be found in Hong Kong. Actually this is not the real Noah's Ark , but a theme park build around the concept of Noah's Ark with a full size replica as part of the facade.
Getting to Noah's Ark

Getting to Noah's Ark Hong Kong was a mini adventure by itself. We decided the best way would be by Ferry traveling across the Victoria Harbour to AMA Wan Island. The ferry can be taken from Central Ferry Pier No 2. The journey takes about 30 minutes.
We spotted Noah Ark

The majestic Noah's Ark can be spotted from the ferry terminal. Opened in May 2009, this theme park is lesser known than Disneyland or Ocean Park. If you are expecting thrill rides or shows, you may be a tad disappointed here. However if you are going to the park with young children, this would be the perfect place to spend an educational day in Hong Kong.
Map of Noah's Ark
Noah's Ark
At the entrance of Noah's Ark
We headed to Noah's Ark on a Sunday. Given that it was the weekend, we were surprised at how quiet the park turn out to be. Nevertheless it was welcoming especially after the trip to the bustling Disneyland HK where jostling amongst crowds was the norm.
Say hi to earth!
Ark Garden
Ark Garden
The first impression we have is now clean and new everything was even though it was opened for almost 5 years. The park is separated into 3 main sections. They are namely Noah's Ark, Solar Tower and Nature Garden. Given the limited time we had , we decided to explore the main attraction- Noah's Ark.
Wild beast
Our first stop was at the Ark's Garden. Magnificent beasts such as tigers, rhinos and elephants greets you at every turn. Not to worry though as they are just sculptures.

These 87 pairs of animals make for good photography opportunities. Don't forget to take the souvenir photograph at the entrance of Noah's Ark where the majority of wild beasts are.
Ark Expo
Ark Expo
After a roam in the gardens, we head straight into the heart of the Ark, the Ark Expo. Here you will find real life small animals kept in glass enclosures.

Futher in you get to learn about the history of the ark. They also feature a video suggesting that the real ark is found at Mount Ararat in Turkey.
An Ark relic
History aside, we were more interested in viewing the little insects and creatures on display
Viewing gallery
There is also a section on a collection of arks made worldwide. An intriguing sight indeed.
Arks worldwide.
More creatures were found within and we were most intrigued by the lizard collections.
Lizard ( medium version)
Lizard ( large version )
There is also a 4 D show where you can experience a walk through the great flood in 4D!
A tour around the Ark Expo would probably take about 20 minutes.
4D Future Ark
Treasure House
Treasure House
The Ark Expo was billed as the main attraction of Noah's Ark. However if we were to choose, we would gladly spend a whole day in the Treasure House instead.
Astronomy Room
The Treasure house comprise of fifteen discovery galleries on life, culture, music, astronomy, construction, arts and more. Each room comes with its own sets of interactive displays and mini games/toys for the children. To really go through one room would take at least 20 minutes!
Archeology Room
This is probably our favourite hangout in Noah's Ark. This is indeed an educational tour for the kids with information spanning a whole range of topics.
In all honesty , this is the best educational displays we had come across in our escapades both locally and overseas. We think the Treasure House is excellent for children age 10 and below. Maybe since Singapore Science centre is renovating, they may like to take a leaf out of the Trasure House book.
There is even a hand painting station in the Arts room. The boys did not hesitate to have their arms tattooed for art's sake.
For the older kids, you may want to proceed to the outdoor adventure first.
Outdoor Adventure
We saw an impressive obstacle course that is a tad daunting for us to try.
Obstacle course
Noah's Ark is not your typical Hongkong theme park. If you are looking for rides, this is not the place to go. However we do recommend Noah's Ark if one is seeking for an educational adventure. For families with younger children, this place would be perfect for them.

In addition, Noah's Ark is located near Lantau Island. We do recommend a day trip combine with a visit to Lantau Island via the Ngon Ping 360. Transportation is relatively a breeze with a bus ride NR 330 ( near the ferry terminal) to Tsing Yi Station and thereafter a MTR ride to Tung Chung (15 min). Shopping is optional too at The outlet shopping mall Citigate located next to Tung Chung MTR.
And that is precisely what we did... Coming soon, our trip to Lantau Island!

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Noah's Ark is great!
Noah's Ark
33 Pak Yan Road, Ma Wan, New Territories


  1. Nice.. we're going to HK later this month so might fit this in :)

    Ai @ Sakura Haruka

    1. U should make a trip. Head for the Treasure house. It will be good for lil Pumpkin :)

  2. Hey stumbled upon your blog while researching on Noah's Ark. Can I ask how long did you stay for this? Was trying to see if I can rush to Disneyland Hotel for lunch. Thanks in advance.

    1. It took us about half a day but we did not complete everything. Together with traveling time, it may not be advisable to rush for lunch.


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