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IKEA Space Camp Preview : Build a Spaceship

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To infinity and beyond!

Over the weekend, the family received an invitation to build our own spaceship at IKEA. It was an offer that is hard to refuse. As a dad, I always like the notion of building a 'toy' for the boys. If you have been around on the internet, you would often hear Dads building awesome cars and stuff for the little ones. I have to admit I do wish I had the capabilities to build something for my boys, thus the invitation to build a spaceship sounds like a good start to my construction 'career'.

Children's Week at IKEA with FOX Kids and Baby Gear ( Sponsored by FOX)
The boys are equally pleased to be at IKEA, which incidentally was one of their favourite haunt.
Sneak Preview
We were enrolled in the Build a spaceship module of IKEA Space camp. This sneak preview is one of many exciting space adventures IKEA are preparing for the space camp scheduled to take off on 13 & 14 June at both IKEA Tampines and IKEA Alexandra.
Space Cadets @ IKEA
The space cadets are ready to roll after a quick briefing. This is NOT a step by step class on how to build a spaceship. Armed with recycled materials, you have to think out of the box to create a spaceship.
Recycled Materials
The boys wasted no time in preparing the construction materials for the spaceship
Space cadets @ Work

After an hour of work, our family build spaceship is completed.
The Wacky Duo spaceship
There are no rules on how a spaceship should be build. Simply use your imagination.
More Spaceships
It was an enjoyable morning spend with the boys. They love the experience while I am contended with fulfilling my dream of building them a spaceship.
Space cadets Roll in!
I am glad the spaceship could fit both of them at the same time.
Come fly with me!
The spaceship will be flying home with us!
Certification of Completion
Now you can build your own spaceship and more at IKEA Space Camp. The space camp is recommended for ages 3-12.

Some of the activities include
  • Build a Spaceship - Think out of the box, with a box! Build your own spaceship with recycled materials and join the rest of the IKEA space fleet
  • Design a Space Monstar Suit with recycled materials and rule the astro runwa
  • Train like a space cadet and complete the Orbital Course
  • Let the Marinator bring your dream aliens to life from the drawing block! Five lucky winners will have their alien drawings transformed to real-life soft toys.
  • Defend the universe from alien invasion in Comet Shootout by launching space comets to hit 'alien' cans.
  • And take part in the Gastronaut Cooke and cupcake decorating class, and design your owwn edble spaceship, rockets and UFOs
Report to Craft Command Centre to get a space Report Card and get started on your adventure. Complete the mission by participating in any two activities to collect to stamps and receive a $5 IKEA gift card and a chance to win a free bedroom makeover worth $10,000.

Indulge in delicious Space Supper- Dim Sum Deals at IKEA Restaurant starting from $1For the bigger lads and lasses, there are after hours activities for the grownup.
Take an our of the world picture , space style at the Space Photo Booth
Check out IKEA Galaxy Backyard sale
Dressed as a Martian from 10pm onwards and moonwalk home wit a $50 IKEA gift card

Other activities include getting a caricature of your alien self, space pin ball, space dog eating contest and free popcorn and candy floss. It will be a Space Camp for the family!

Register here to take part in the 'Build a spaceship' and other events.Do act fast as space is limited!

13 & 14 June

Source : IKEA
Thanks for the invitation IKEA!

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