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iNbox by Smart Alley : Review + Giveaway

iNbox : Inspiring Minds. Inciting Joy.
It's holiday season. You are cooped up at home after an exhausting outing with your children the day before. As much as you would like to bring them out on another road trip, you feel the need to relax at home and replenish the energy.

What do you do ?

It is a familiar situation for us in the household. We are often out on most weekends to enjoy the great Outdoors, yet occasionally we do stay at home to recharge. However staying indoors often means either watching too much television, playing too many xbox games and sleeping away the afternoon.
It was only when we discovered iNbox developed by Smart Alley that made staying at home a FUN experience for the family.
Activities in a box
So what is exactly is iNbox?

iNbox is a subscription box concept, filled with meaningful fun activities for the little ones age from 3 to 7. With delivery to your doorstep monthly , it promises experiential activities that allows a child to create, explore and enrich. Developed as experts, each iNbox has been created to enhance the essential skills below.
Source : Smart Alley

Each month's content focus on different themes with about 4-5 activities per box.

May's Theme : I Love Vegetables

Activity 1 - My Garden
My Garden
A simple activity to grow a window plant.
Sowing the seeds
Activity 2 - Chew & Munch
Chew & Munch
A reward base 'game' that makes eating vegetables fun for kids. They get a sticker for every vegetable they each to paste on provided cards. Once completed , they can exchange their cards for mystery gifts. This is a great idea for learning and rewarding.
Mystery gifts

Activity 3 : My Vegetable Family
My Vegetable Family
This is the only craftwork for May series.
It was relatively simple yet interesting enough for the boys to complete on their own ( with a little help from mom)
Vegetable family

Activity 5 - Little Chef
Little chef
This is a game similar to memory cards. Find the similar crass, put them in the provided bowl and 'cook' them once it is filled.
Master chef

Activity 5 - Where is my carrot?
Where is my carrot?
Finally to conclude the activities , we have storybook 'Where is my Carrot?' to read to the boys.
Grab your own iNbox
Activities are more fun if you could share it with someone. If you have a pair of siblings, there is no need to buy an additional box. The iNbox have sufficient activities to satisfy the both of them. However if you worry about siblings fighting over the same toys, you might like to get a box each.

We actually completed the activities in 2 one hour sessions among the boys. Some of the activities such as the Little Chef can be reuse for future play.

Getting an iNbox is as easy as 1-2-3. Simply click here to sign up, sit back and create a new world. There are different plans ranging from a flexible monthly subscription ( $28.90) to a 1 year plan ( $310) . Shipping is free in Singapore. For more plans, do refer here.

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TWD was provided a set for review

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