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Storytelling comes alive with Playmobil!

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Playmobils invaded Sentosa!

Did you hear the latest news on Giant Playmobils invading Sentosa? They had managed to captured Palawan Beach and are set to expand their stronghold to the main island.

Storytelling comes Alive with Playmobil

You have not heard the news?

No fret,it is just a tall tale. The giant Playmobils are staying firmly put at Palawan beach.

Storytelling comes alive!
The stolen dragon hearts
If you like more exciting stories on Playmobil, you will be glad to know that Storytelling comes alive with Playmobil is back at Sentosa. We were here the last time when they were in town. In fact is the third year Playmobil made Sentosa their playground for the school holidays.

Giant Story books
The venue had changed to a more comfortable and cooling hall at the heart of Palawan Beach. For direction , hop on to the tram from the Beach Station and alight at the Animal Encounters enclosure. The hall is directly opposite the enclosure. If you are walking from the beach station, it is a relaxing stroll to the main activities located next to Port of Lost Wonder.

Story time!
As per last year edition, the story is narrated from a giant story book. There is an interactive performance on stage when the story is read. From what we can see, it is a hit amongst the kids.
There are a total of 10 different performances lined up from wed to sun from 1130am through to 545pm. With sessions like the search for the Magical Unicorn and The Stolen Dragon Hearts, these stories would ensure a different experience for little ones on different days.

Performance schedule
If you are a fan of Playmobil, you would love the set up there. There are the newest play sets on display and...
New Playmobil play set
There are giant Playmobils for you to take selfies with.
Giant Selifes
We could have sworn we found Little Lou's long lost twin there too!
Long Lost Twin

Playmobil Sandpit
You can choose to play with the Playmobils at the Playmobil sandpit.
Playmobil sandpit
For the less adventurous, there is a playpit located one the side of the building next to POLW.
The playpit has 4 separate play tables comprising of different play sets for boys and girls. There is the western set, the dragons set and the princess sets for the little ones to explore. The playpit is located in a sheltered area.
Play sets
The boys enjoyed their playtime with Playmobil. Compared to other toys, Playmobils are generally easier to hold for little ones. The toys are quite well build and less prone to breakage. For boys and girls who enjoy a little roughness in their play, it would make the perfect ' make believe ' toys for them.

Playtime with Palymobil
Little hands and minds
The Little hands and minds booth is back as well.
Little hands and mind
Create your own masterpiece from simple materials at only $5 per activity
Arts and craft
The boys decided to unleash their creativity with a pair of water cans for decorations.
Water cans
"Tell your story" contest
Tell your story contest
There is also a contest for the little ones. Complete the comic strip with your own stories and every completed entry walks away with a Playmobil toy( while stocks last)

The Playmobil Toyshop
Playmobil Toyshop
Should you decide to get a set of Playmobil home to indulge the little ones, there are sets available for sale at the Playmobil Toyshop. Some of the items are specially available for this event too.

For families who had been to previous year's edition, you might find the events and activities familiar. There are no major changes compared to precious year's edition save for the location. For someone who has yet to experience Playmobil @ Sentosa, it is worthwhile to catch them while they are still on the island.

Storytelling Comes Alive ! With Playmobil
31 May - 29 June
Palawan Beach

TWD were invited to the event for review

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