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The Lion Men 2 Gala Premiere : Our first Gala experience

Lionmen 2 Gala Premier at RWS
First of all, we have a confession...

The boys are The Lion Men 的超级粉丝. Eversince they watched 'Ah Boys to Men' , they had been following the career of Tosh Zhang and Wang Weiliang through to The Lion Men. Truth is eversince we had bought The Lion Men DVD and it had been playing on our screen every other day.

Gala tickets
So when we scored tickets to be the Gala Premiere of The Lion Men 2 from RWS, we instinctively grabbed it. After all after watching Part 1 at home for the nth time, we are eager to see how it concludes.

Since this is our first gala premiere, we did not know quite what to expect. Hence we thought it will be good to have a mini guide on what to expect for a Movie Gala Premiere.
The Gala Premiere was held at RWS theatre.
Black Hawk
Mini Guide to Gala Premiere
1) Be prepared for thousands of fans ... Ok maybe not thousands but there will be a lot of them. Be there early if you want to catch a good view from the red carpet.

2) You have only 30s to snap your shot at the red carpet
The supporting cast of The Lion Men
3) Be prepared to wait. The Red Carpet lasted for about an hour before we can enter the cinema. Thereafter it is another half an hour of on stage interview and performance before the show start.

4) Your photos will be photobomb with placards and other people's cameras.

5) If you are going with kids, remember to bring some food and drinks. We made the mistake of putting the essential bag in the car and thus the children were a little thirsty after the wake.
The fans were out in full support of the case from The Lion Men. It can get a little crazy when the stars appear. We have an unwanted encounter with a big size man who pushed my older boy ,who is a third of his size , just to get a vantage view. If you are reading this big guy. Shame on you!

Do take care of the little ones in situations like this.
The main cast
The Gala Premiere was an eye opener for us. It does create a sense of excitement before the show proper.
Future stars
The boys were excited about seeing Tosh and Weilang, even when they had a close encounter with them at the Transformer madness event.
Saying hi!
To their credit, they had stayed glue to the big screen when the movie started playing. The boys managed to finish the movie even though it was way past their bedtime!
Jack Neo 'Ah boys ' and Eva
As for the movie, let's just say it did not disappoint the boys. The action sequence was impressive enough to engage them. If you are a fan, like us, you would most definitely want to catch the conclusion of the Lion Men.

So between Ah-So and Mikey, who will emerge as the real Lion Men?

Head down to the cinema from 12 June to find out !
On the big screen from 12 June 201:
A special thanks to RWS for giving the boys the opportunities to catch their idols live!

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