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Ok before I start this post, I have a confession to make.

When the boys heard that we are going for another food tasting, they started protesting. Not because they are not hungry , but this is our 3rd food tasting in 3 days over one weekend. This is probably our busiest food tasting weekend till date.It was certainly a challenge as the boys are picky eaters. Deprived of their usual fare , a food tasting session could be an unpredictable affair.

So in all fairness , I was a little apprehensive about accepting the invitation. However since we are sharing this meal with families of fellow daddies from edunloaded and J Babies Dad, the good company will be a bonus. So with an open mind and lot of fingers cross, we headed down to The Manhattan Fish Market for our dinner.

Manhattan Junior Menu
Luckily my fears quickly subsided when the food started arriving. As we are trying out the new Manhattan Junior menu, this review will be different from the earlier ones as it focus mainly on food for the children.

To say we were overwhelmed was an understatement. Visually this has to be the cutest presentation we had seen to date. Manhattan does not just serve Junior size food inspired by the adult's menu, they serve creations designed specially with the younger clientele in mind.
The boys just cannot wait to get their hands of the food. After a series of quick snaps of the food, it's time for the taste test.
Octo- Ghetti Attack
First up was the Octo-Ghetti Attack. Served with 'Octopus -cut' sausages , this creation is a healthy option for the children. Served with a side of broccoli and carrots, it provides kids with essential vitamins and minerals
Crabby Fish Burger
In terms of cuteness, this dish takes the cake. This fun and attractive Crabby Burger will whet a child appetite and delight them at the same time. The burger comes with fried fish and cranberry coleslaw between fluffy oregano buns. Served with golden fires, Japanese cucumber and carrots, this is one of the tastiest fish burger we had in a while.
Wacky Dory
The Manhattan Fish Market did it...they name a dish after us.
The Wacky Dory is the brain food that your child need with a generous fillet of freshly grilled dory fish, a serving of mashes potatoes, with a side of broccoli and carrots.
We are just kidding on the naming of the dish.
Pirate Surf and Turf
Land ahoy!

Swing aboard the little pirate ship with a crunchy galore of chicken nuggets, dory fish fillet and fried country mushrooms served with crispy golden fries.

We love how this pirate ship is presented. As for the food, we discovered that fried country mushrooms are a hit with Little Lou.
Chicks Mac and Cheese
Chicky Mac and Cheese features a savoury, mouth watering combination of bite sized fired chicken chunks with creamy macaroni and cheese served with green. A cult classic among children.
Choc o Pancake
The Choc-O-Pancake comes in a close second on the cuteness scale.

It comes with a layer of rich chocolate sandwiched between two fluffy soft pancakes and a blast of mini cheese sausages, creating an interesting mix of sweet and savoury.

Who said pancakes are only meant for breakfast?

To complete the dishes, each junior meal priced at an affordable $7.95 comes with a choice of Orange Juice , Coke, Sprite or Iced Lemon Tea. You can also top up $2 for an additional dessert option of either a  Citrus Sundae or Cookie Sundae.

And the remarkable thing, the boys had no problem wolfing the food down from the get go!

As for the adults, fret not. There are plenty of options on the main menu for them.

Single Garlic Herb Mussels
For starters we tried the Single Garlic Herb Mussels ($5.95) and the Fried Country mushroom ($5.95). There are plenty of starter options on the menu if these are not to your taste.
Fried Country Mushroom
The final dish for the adults would be the fan favourite Manhattan Flaming Seafood Platter($37.95). This platter serves up generous portions of hand battered fish fillets, oyster and calamari. The highlight is the Manhattan Flaming Prawns, brought to full flavor when their Sea-cret Agents flame right before your eyes!

And the best part, it tasted as impressive as it looks!
Manhattan Flaming Seafood Platter
At the end of a sumptuous dinner, we are glad we made it to the dinner. This was our first visit to The Manhattan Fish market, and after that night, we swore it would not be our last!

Fire fighters
An interesting observation was made during dinner. We spotted this Unplug box that encourage diners to place their phones in the box and have a conversation instead. This is a simple yet highly effective was to rid devices and have a good old style dinner with proper conversation. We do wish it comes in iPad size so we can convince the little ones to rid their dinner 'entertainment' and savour the wonderful food instead.

Unplug box
Social message
Our dinner was at the cozy Suntec City branch clad in simple white brick walls. There are a total of 16 outlets as of 16th May at various locations around Singapore. The full list of the location can be found here .

The Manhattan Fish Market-Suntec City
The new Junior Menu is now available in store. Do note that no matter how yummy the dishes look, they can only be ordered if you are below 12. So if you really want to have a taste of it , do bring your young children along for the meal.

Trust us... they will be more than happy to finish their meals at The Manhattan Fish Market. However I cannot guarantee they will share the awesome dishes with you!

New Junior Menu available now!

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