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Persian Garden @ Gardens by the Bay

Step into the world of Perisan Garden at The Flower Dome @ Gardens by the bay. This is the latest floral interpretation of 'paradise on earth' . This would be GBTB 4th edition of the 'Gardens by the Bay goes round the world ' series.

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Persian Garden
The Persian Garden is traditionally created to provide a sanctuary in the desert. Deemed as 'paradise on earth' , it is accentuated with water, shade and geometry as its main features.
Entrance to paradise
For this edition, the concentration of the decor will be on the main flower bed.
Like the French Flair, the outer ring has been cornered off. This arrangement allows visitors to admire the full view of the tables filled with spices , food and dishes.
Table of spice
The downside to this arrangement is that we could not get close to the exhibits and view the intricate details displayed.
Compared to previous installments, this arrangement seemed a little distant. The 'untouched' feel of the gardens does add to the allure of it being a paradise.
Decorative dishes
Step within view of the main floral bed and you would notice the symmetrically laid archways surrounding it.
Fountains and archways
In the middle of the floral bed, an 8 star fountain takes center stage. Due to its shape and height, it would be difficult to identify its stature from eye level. We do suggest a hike to the mezzanine level to observe paradise in its full splendor.

Speaking of fountains , there are at least 3 fountains on display. The sound of water does create a soothing feel to the surroundings.
The flowers headlining this gardens include Persian Violet, Cyclamen and Jasmine

Compared to the earlier editions, this floral display is considerably muted. Perhaps our expectation was sky high coming from past displays such as the Eiffel tower from French Flair, the war scene at the War of Roses and the explosive colours of Tulipmania.

Still it is good that GBTB constantly update the floral display to give it a fresh interpretation for repeated visits.
The Persian Garden is held from 2nd June to 3 August at the Flower Dome.
Picture Credit : Gardens by the bay

If you are there, remember to take a photo and join the instagram contest. 3 winners will walk away with prizes worth $180 each, including 4 tickets to 2 Cooled Conservatories and a Gardens by the Bay retail hamper. Details here.

Persian Gardens
Persian Gardens @ Gardens by the Bay
Flower dome
2nd June to 3rd August
Admission fee applies

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