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Zero 2 Six : Traditional Toys for Generations

Zero 2 Six

Would you like to play in a toy store?

Being a Daddy Blogger, the main motivation for this journal is to find ways to entertain the children via the blog. So for product reviews or event invites, the children's interest are the first priority before any commitment made.

Thus when the invitation came to have a play date at a toy store, I find that offer hard to refuse. How many times do one have the opportunity to try new toys in a toy store with the blessings of the owner?

It is like having your hand stuck in the cookie jar and instead of getting caught for it, you are rewarded. So with eager anticipation, we hurried down to Zero 2 Six at I12 Katong to have our cookies fun.
Zero 2 Six @ I12 Katong
Zero 2 Six
Have you been to a toys store recently? If you frequent the toy section of a department store or a general toy retailer like Toys R Us, you would mostly likely be bombarded by the same toys by familiar brands marketing 'popular' toys. These toys have one thing in common. They are commercialised and to some extend look the same despite the brands. Usually made of synthetic materials , these toys may not be well design and are often 'successful' due to marketing rather than play-ability for the younger ones.

Zero 2 Six had recognised this and had set its heart to bring in only quality toys and products tailored for children 0-6. The flagship store at I12 Katong set up in 2010 features mostly traditional, handmade and environmental toys. They have another store at Mandarin Gallery which open in 2012.

Sourcing from Artisans of toys globally, Zero 2 Six is a toy haven set up for the connoisseurs of toys, the children. Judging from what we saw, these toys have one thing in common.... That is FREE PLAY. Imagination and creativity through play are the 2 most important criteria needed for a child to enjoy the beautifully made toys in store.

We give you a sneak peek on the range of toys available in at Zero 2 Six.

Vilac wooden cars and planes
Vilac is a toy maker originated from France. The company was started in 1911 in the Forest of Jura Mountains, France and remains at the same area today. Vilac toys are designed in France with most production still in the same country.
Vilac wooden toys - Made in France
Vilac toys are mostly wood base and handmade. These traditional toys are built to last a lifetime and more. The shop is stock with wooden toy cars and planes that would make a unique gift to the child. For an ex-child perspective, these wooden toys would even make great corporate gift for the grown up as it would look great on display on any fine corporate desk.
Other wooden toy range includes puzzles, musical instruments , chef kitchens and construction sets. In addition, metal ride-on racing cars will definitely set any child's heart ablaze with racing passion.
Vilac racing cars
Cost wise, Vilac toys are price at a premium. However these toys are meant to be past down from generations to the next, given its sturdy build. With that in mind, these vintage toys would make a great investment akin to fine wine. A plus for the company is that for every tree they cut to make the toys, they will replant another for replacement. This environmental friendly act gets a thumb up from us.
Melissa & Doug
Melissa & Doug
Next up is the familiar Melissa & Doug range of products. The brand is synonymous with educational and classical toys. Zero 2 Six carries mostly the range of puzzles and wooden classical toys. Arts and craft items from Melissa & Doug are available in store.
Melissa & Doug Arts and Craft

Mic o mic planes
Another range of toys that caught our eyes are the mic o mic range of toys. Mic o mic is a young German company specialising in build-able toys in the form of aircrafts, motor vehicles, ships and locomotives.

An educational designer toy targeting and children's creativity, this toy can be disassemble and rebuild to test the child's skill on 3 D construction.

Petitcollin dolls
Petitcollin is a manufacturer of dolls founded in 1860. Forget about Barbie dolls, this is the company that had made traditional dolls that are still loved by children today.

The whole idea about Peititcollin dolls is that you get a unique doll that grows old with you. Each doll comes with its own set of clothes and accessories that you could interchange. These collectible dolls are also a hit with adult doll enthusiast.

If you are looking for Playmobil or LEGO alternative with a touch of old school charm, Jeujeura range of Forest houses and cottage might just do the trick. These toys will make a fine addition to any child collection.

It will definitely standout against the mass produce toys. Anyone can have a Lego or Playmobil, but it takes someone special to discover the world of Jeujeura.
Nail polish for young ladies
Other than these brands, Zero 2 Six does have other range of toys catering to both genders from age zero to six.
Wooden toys
The best way for you to experience these toys is to make a trip down. Have the toy in your hand and feel the difference between a wooden toy and a regular one. You would appreciate the heart behind these products. If you are like me, a person who likes all things quirky, you may develop a liking to these vintage looking toys.
Choose your ride
The boys were invited by Jonathan, the marketing director, for a play date to experience the toys in store.
Play date
Needless to say they lapped up the invitation and try as much products as possible. They even made a few buddies while playing. That by the way includes the playful marketing director himself.
Test drive a Vilac
There were no rules to a play date, it was FREE PLAY all the way.
Future Beethoven
In the midst of non stop action for about 2.5 hours, I discovered the boys penchant for musical instruments.
Schoenhut piano
With fine instruments such as Schoenhut Junior piano and Vilac accordion, the boys set out to create their own noisy musical concert.
Vilac Accordion
It just goes to demonstrate how well build these instruments are, especially after hours of nonstop play. They enjoyed it so much that they even wanted to take one home with them.
Store helper for a day with Zero 2 Six Founder Christine
In the end, it was the fantastic company and wonderful toys that made this a great play date. It was so good that the adults were banned from the snacks corner during break time!

Thanks to Zero 2 Six for hosting and showing us great hospitality. The boys say thanks for the goodies they took home too (and that include a special gift for the biggest kid there... Me !)

We will be reviewing the toys in the coming weeks. Watch this space!
Play corner at Zero 2 Six
Zero2Six Katong
I12 Katong
112 East Coast Road #03-45
Singapore 428802
Opens Mon to Sun 10am to 10pm
Zero2Six Orchard
333- Orchard Road
#04-29, Mandarin Gallery
Singapore 238897
Zero2Six Jem
Jem #04-47
50 Jurong Gateway Road
Singapore 608549

The Wacky Duo was invited to Zero 2 Six for review

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