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Get Cool With Dyson Cool Tower Fan AM07

It has been pretty hot in Singapore in recent weeks. To combat the heat, it would either mean turning on the air conditioning or blasting the fan in top speed mode. The first is a pricey option and would rake up the electricity bills while the latter may result in a mini rock concert due to the noise it creates.

Thankfully Dyson Singapore had provided us a Dyson Cool Tower Fan AM07 which promises to be 60 % quieter and consume 10% lesser than the predecessor AM02.
The unboxing
Before I start, I must admit the secret yearn for one of these since I first saw it a few years ago at a private function. I was totally amazed how 'unfan' this looks and the technology involved.
Fast forward today, the desire became a reality.
Easy set up
Setting the tower fan up was a breeze. It comes in 3 parts, the base, the motor and the main fan unit. It was as easy as 1 , 2 , clik.
Comes with a remote
The tower fan comes wih a remote that have the all the functions build in. It comes with an on/off button, an oscillation control, speed control and sleep timer.
State of art
The curved remote control is magnetized and clicks on top of the tower fan. This is a neat function and ensure you would not replace the remote control easily.
Stick on remote control
The coolest bit would be the Dyson's fame air multiplier technology.
Air multiplier technology
For the technology buffs, Dyson Usesthe air multiplier technology. Air is pushed through an annular aperture, drawing in surrounding air to project a high power, high velocity airflow.
For illustration only (Copyright : Dyson Singapore )
For the layman , it means no more blades and a smooth airflow. The ten speed precise airflow control means that you could choose a speed suitable for you. As for the noise, there is a buzz at the fastest speed, however at speed of 7, it is so quiet that you could hear a pin drop.
Dyson cool Hemholtz cavity
The motor is housed in a Hemholtz cavity, which is designed to reduce noise without affecting performance. It had even been awarded the Quiet Mark by Noise Abatement Society for its technology.
Bladeless, safe for kids
For families with young curious kids, the bladeless technology is a blessing. No more fast moving blades to threaten the little ones when they poke their little fingers in the fan.
Dyson Tower Fan - As tall as a 4 year old
The Dyson tower fan stands at 1007mm and weights in at a lightweight 2.853kg. The unit we had is in the White / Silver combination.
The new Dyson Cool fan range with desk fans, tower fans and standing fans is also available in iron/blue and black/nickel,retailing between S$399 and S$799 at most major electrical store.
A work of Art
As for me, I think the Tower Fan is a work of art . It would fit into most modern homes at ease. It is best use for small rooms with a range of 5 meters or so.

Being cool never look so good...

TWD were provided a unit for review


  1. erm so is the dyson fan good for cooling at a distance?

    1. I use it for small rooms. Its range is about 5 meters or so.

  2. i have this AM07 and i must say this fan is so over priced, gave me so much problems. the promoter at courts told me "it is easy to clean just use a cloth can liao" guess what in less than 6 months this fan broke down more then twice due to blockage at the air inlet. apparently cleaning it with a cloth does not remove any dust build up at the inlet area. causing the fan to overheat and gave me an error code "F4".
    in terms of wind i cant feel any cooling effect from the fan, it's just normal room temperature "wind", which reminds me if i place it too far i don't feel any even at speed 10.

    for this product i would say it's money not well spend !!

    1. The range is limited. I think the cost is more for design than function.

    2. Our Dyson is still going strong after 2 years. Compared to our other fans that broke down within 6 months, this fan is a winner. We love it so much , we actually got 2 more for the house!

  3. Mine broke down after 2 years. It states a error code of F2. I was quoted about $260 to replace the motor and was told that this is a common problem. Surprisingly service staff told us that there are 14 similar tower fans dumped at service center this month, because of the high repair cost. And i was recommended to get a KDK fan instead, if I wanted a lasting fan.

    In my opinion, this is the last product that I am ever going to buy from Dyson. Pay a premium sum upfront for the product and another handsome sum for repair. A rip off product.

    1. I had a different experience. The fan we have is still going strong ... it had outlasted the other 5 normal fans we had over the same time!
      I do agree kdk fans are long lasting, but in terms of design, Dyson is still tops.

  4. bad fan. F2 error after 2years


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