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Peony Jade Award Winning Mooncakes : A Heavenly Treat

Mid Autumn festival otherwise known as Mooncake festival falls on the 15th day of the 8th Lunar month in the Chinese Calender. This year it will fall on 8th September. This means there is less than 3 weeks to get your mooncakes. With the huge assortments of Mooncakes in the market , you will be spoilt for choice. So how do you choose the right Mooncakes?

A good start will be the Mooncakes from Peony Jade. From Heavenly Flavours, to award winning signatures to the classics, you would definitely find a Mooncake that will suit your palate for Mid Autumn festival.

Heavenly treat
Making a comeback this year, the 4 Heavenly Flavours ($64 for 4 pieces) attempts to delight your tastebuds.

The Heavenly Flavours comprises of the following
  • Top grade pure Mao Shan Wang Durian mooncake in organic Pandan snowskin
  • Snowskin Kochi Yuzu & Apple Cream Cheese mooncake
  • Snowskin Soursop Mooncake
  • Snowskin Premium Cempedak Mooncake

4 Heavenly Flavours
These exotic tasting mooncakes will give you a new spin on mooncakes. Do note that the fillings are made of real food!

Amongst the 4' , my favourite would be the Top Grade Pure Mao Shan Wang Mooncake. This mooncake had been awarded the top durian Mooncake from Her World for 2009, 2011, 2012. The glorious taste of the mooncake would make any durian lover go gaga over it. As for the other flavours, it is a matter of personal taste.

Do note to store the fruity snowskin mooncakes FROZEN within an hour of purchase to keep it fresh.
Picture Credit : Peony Jade
If exotic snowskin is not your cup of tea, you might want to consider other options. We get to sample the award winning signature Flaky Teochew ' Orh Ni' mooncake and the classic mooncakes for this review.
Peony Jade mooncake
Flaky Teochew 'Orh Ni' mooncake
The flaky Teochew 'Orh Ni' mooncake with premium Fragrant Golden Pumkin & Single Egg Yolk ($33 for 2 pieces, $59 for 4 pieces) is another flavour. Personally I like the creamy and fragrant yam filling. With its trademark light-as-air flaky pastry skin, this is one unique mooncake.

As I am an Orh Ni lover, I will be biased and say the Orh Ni flavour mooncake is a hit.
Light-as-air flaky skin
The classic
If you are a traditionalist and would like to stick to the traditional mooncake, Peony Jade goes old school with classics such as Low Sugar Baked Mooncake with Premium Mother of Pearl white Lotus Paste & Single Yolk, Baked Mooncake with Premium 'Jin Hua ' Ham and assorted nuts and Premium Mother of Pearl White Lotus Paste with Macadamia Nuts and Double Yolk.
Peony Jade mooncake
We sampled the Low Sugar Baked Mooncake($59 for box of 4) and was impress with its smooth texture. This will make a great option for the health conscious.

Do you know a traditional mooncake is about 800-1200 calories depending on the number of yolk? To put it in perspective, you burn about 250 calories jogging for 30 minutes. Eating one mooncake with yolk will mean you need to run about 2 hours to burn it off! So any mooncake variant with low sugar is welcome in my books.
Mooncakes or me ?
As for the boys, they prefer the traditional mooncake over the snowskin version. Regardless , the mooncakes created by Peony Jade's culinary team led by Chef Wong - the original creator and former dim sum pastry chef from the old Crown Prince hotel, are excellent in taste and quality.

Peony Jade mooncakes have no artificial flavouring, stabilizers or preservatives. Mooncakes are suggested to be consume immediately on the same day or within 5 days if refrigerated to ensure freshness.

For more options on Peony Jade mooncakes, do refer here. Book before 28 Aug and you will receive discounts for various mooncakes. Details in the link.

Peony Jade mooncakes comes in 2 elegantly designed gift boxes in rich hues of turquoise lacquer and orange-red with oriental fan in the center.
Peony Jade mooncake box
TWD were provided a unit for review

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