Swensen's Kidsbits : Ice Cream Cakes for kids

Swensen's Kidsbits

A few days ago, we celebrated Little L's birthday. Finding a birthday cake for a celebration can sometimes be difficult given the array of choices. Thankfully Swensen's had sponsored one of the ice cream cakes from its Kidsbits range.

Happy boy
Our last Swensen's ice cream cake was the velvety Mother's Day cake we raved about. So when we learn that Swensen's has a Kidsbits range with equally enticing design, it was an immediate choice for Little Lou birthday.
Swensen's Kidsbits
The Kidsbits range of ice cream cakes comprises of ice cream cake designed especially for children. There is a 3D element in the design. We chose the 'Pirates Ahoy' theme for the cake.
The ice cream cake was as impressive as the one we had at Mother's Day. Each pirate characters are individually made with edible sugar.
Pirate 2
We love the little details on the cake, from the pirates to the Treasure chest. It is a good looking cake. Don't take our words for it, check out the pictures below

Ahoy there!


Chocolate walls
As for the flavour of the cake, you can choose from the following flavours
Our choice was Vanilla as it is Little Lou's favourite flavour.
Yummy vanilla
The Swensen's Kidsbits can be ordered from here.

View from the top
Cakes are from sizes of 1 kg for self collection and 1.5 kg for delivery. Different designs may have a minimum cake size.
Prices starts for $45 excluding delivery.
We are pirates : Matching pirate Tees from FOX
Other than the cake, Little Lou received a surprise birthday card from his brother with the message :

'Thank you for being a good brother for me'

It's not related to the cake, but it has the same impact... It melts my heart!
A sweet message
TWD were provide a cake for review

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