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Pure Joy in Water @ GROHE Live Center

What does a Daddy has in common with a provider of premium bath faucets and shower system?
If you have design your own bathroom with GROHE fittings, you most probably will be interested in an invite from GROHE to experience their latest innovation. Since I was the 'interior designer ' when we renovated the home 4 years ago, this wannabe designer simply could not refuse the invitation to gawk at what GROHE has to offer.

And I totally regret my decision thereafter.

Allow me to explain...
GROHE Live Center
The event went well. I learned a lot about GROHE and seen its latest innovative system on display. It was all great BUT it made me want to remodel my bathroom with all the bells and whistles, thus the 'regret'. As a result, I might need to have the conversation with the wife about *ahem* minor remodelling in the bathroom soon.

In the meantime, let me to take you round a tour of The GROHE Live Center to explain my fixation on a new bathroom.
Picture Source : GROHE
History of GROHE
GROHE was established in 1936 by Friedrich Grohe and originated from Germany. Germany is a place well known for its engineering feats and premium products. Think Mercedes and BMW. GROHE is right up there as the No 1 Premium Sanity Fittings.
GROHE references
It is no surprised that many refined establishment would use GROHE for their room fittings. Individuals crave for the brand too given its well established name and quality fittings.
GROHE Signature Elements
Every successful brand has its signature that made it distinct from the market. GROHE is no exception with the O, 7° and 0 blueprint.

O signifies the Ring that appear in several ranges that are used to highlight area of purpose.
7° is the angle where the handles and sprout are pitched. Research had shown this encourage usability and interaction with the products

0 Lozenge shaped products that visually interprets GROHE minimalism philosophy.

GROHE Technology
Delve deeper and GROHE technology will impress you. Admittedly being a guy, technology does play a part in determining a purchase. With what GROHE has to offer, it is not a matter of want but a matter of how much.
  • GROHE Dreamspray
The heart of GROHE showers. Engineered to distribute equal flow of water to every single nozzle, promising an amazing shower experience
  • GROHE CoolTouch
Innovative cooling channel to prevent risk of scalding from hot chrome surface. Great for kids!
  • GROHE Silkmove
Maintenance Free advance ceramic alloy and coated with spcial Telfon lubricant for friction free movement
  • GROHE Turbostat
Allows GROHE thermostat valves to deliver instantaneous precise temperature control.
  • GROHE Digital
Remote control for your fittings. A quick way to get prepare for a bath.
  • GROHE Starlight
GROHE polish chrome ensure a colour free , good as new appearance for years to come.
With technology as advance as GROHE, the package will only be completed if they have the right products for its use. From what I observed, GROHE takes these technologies and innovates its product lines to make a product irresistible. It is such innovations that cause my Reno fingers to itch.
Presenting GROHE 2014 innovations
GROHE Spa F- Digital Deluxe
The star of 2014 innovation will no doubt be bestowed to GROHE Spa F- Digital Deluxe. This system enables the users to control a variety of lighting, audio and steam functions via their iPods.
GROHE home Spa
For those who wants to customise the ultimate personalised shower experience, the Spa F- Digital Deluxe will be one you need to install. Personally if I have the dough, this will be part of my bathroom makeover.
Compliment it with GROHE SPA products and you will turn your bathroom to the ultimate SPA retreat right in your own home.
Home is where My GROHE SPA is
For a touch of class in your bathroom, GROHE introduce the Grandera line of faucets with chrome and chrome/gold outlook. This timeless and elegant range, a favourite choice for premium hotels, will be available for personal home installation.
Pure Joy of Water
If funds are limited, you can consider the Power&Soul shower. Consisting of GROHE's newest spray pattern technology, BOKOMA Spray, this shower head will turn any bathroom into a mini spa.
With four unique single spray patterns as well as seven mix spray modes, including the soft Rain Spray, the aerated GROHE Rain spray as well as the powerful Jet Spray, this is one multifunctional shower head that ensures a different shower experience to soothe your mood and needs.
Innovations that makes life easier is always a plus in my books. With GROHE RED, it replace kettles as it provides boiling hot water straight from the faucet.
With its two step pull and twist action as a childproof feature and its GROHE CoolTouch technology, this faucet will be excellent for parents with milk drinking kids!
Picture Copyright : GROHE
Picture Copyright : GROHE
While GROHE RED provide instantaneous hot water GROHE Blue will provide filtered water fit for drinking. Definitely a plus for time conscious consumers.

Another futuristic innovation is the MINTA Touch. The MINTA Touch can be operated with a light tap on its faucet body with the back of the hand or wrist. This eliminates the need for a lever to operate and gives a whole new way to turn on the taps!
Besides these innovations, there are other GROHE products that is avaliable for daily use. From the luxurious GROHE flush plates with GROHE whisper technology to the numerous shapes and designs of faucets to suit your kitchen or washing basin needs, you would not have any problem finding a GROHE product to suit your lifestyle.
GROHE Faucet
There are a few interesting items I had spotted that would add a touch of class in most bathrooms.
GROHE Flower RainShower
For the kids, the GROHE Flower Rainshower would surely entice them to take more showers. From experience , anything that entice a child to take a shower is a good thing. Parents with shower-shy children can vouch for that.
GROHE Shower System
Do you have an existing shower system to replace but at the same time to not wish to involve expensive hacking of the toilet walls?
GROHE Shower system will provide you a system to match your installation requirements and budget needs. This is give you the chance to experience a luxurious shower without the hassle of a complete renovation of the bathroom.
GROHE Verius F Digital
If your budget allows , consider a digital option such as the GROHE Verius F Digital. It allows you to start or stop water, adjust temperature, water pressure remotely.
GROHE Velvet black
One of the design that caught my eye is the GROHE Ondus Digital faucets and showers clad in gorgeous GROHE Velvety Black.
Black and White
This theme is perfect for the dream bathroom I have in mind. Personally I think this theme is a looker. However it might take a little more to convince the wife of its visual impact, given its masculine undertone.
GROHE Ondus Digital
Like I said earlier, I am so impress that I feel the urge to remodel the bathroom . It's your fault GROHE. Why do you have to make a system that gives 'Pure Freude An Wasser' ( Pure Joy of Water ) ?
GROHE F Series
Given all that I had seen, I would probably need to plan a decent proposal to the wife when for the proposed bathroom revamp after this tour of GROHE Live Center. Not to mention a big fat wallet lying somewhere.
Thankfully GROHE must have heard my inner thoughts with an exclusive promotion for the readers of thewackyduo.com From now to 31st December, readers will save 20% off regular price items at selected GROHE distributors. Simply print or flash the voucher below for redemption.
With the potential savings, maybe... just maybe I can get my wish for a Dream Bathroom. Watch this space as I bring you my Dream Bathroom in the next coming week !
Pure Freude an Wasser
GROHE Live center is open by appointment only. For more information, refer to www.grohe.com.sg

TWD was invited to the event for review

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