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Learning through PLAY for preschool kids

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 If you have a preschool child at home, you might face this issue. How to teach a child who refuse to learn? 

I have 2 boys with very different attitude towards learning. The first is diligent and accepts his daily routine of revision and homework. The second is the complete opposite. Homework is a dirty word and he prefers to play than to sit still for 10 minutes to complete his ABC.

It is a challenge teaching the younger one, given how smooth the learning journey was with the first. Thus I am always in the lookout for activities that promote learning through play to ease the little one into a learning routine. 

Stencils and Pencils by Meadow Kids
As a result of my younger son's sense of play, the best way to learn is through Play itself. Thus I set these 5 guidelines for finding an activity to suit 'Playful Learning' 

1 Activity that the child likes
Fun with Stencils
If you child likes a certain activity, use that to leverage on teaching. If they enjoy it, you would have found your teaching aid. Take for example, my little boy loves arts and craft. Using Art and Craft activities as a guise, I can ask him to learn the alphabets by doing a craft base on each letter of the alphabet for different days. A good way to learn is through stencils art where kids can experiment with shapes , letters and other objects. Meadow Kids Stencils and Pencils is one activity you can consider with Arts and Craft. 

2) Activity that teaches (subconsciously)
Learn ABC
Activities that teaches are a plus in my book. For example,in arts and craft, you can teach the different colours to the child. You can also experiment with different tools use ( such as pencils, paints, crayons) and explain that the use of different tools create a different outcome. There is a always a lesson in each activity, we just need to link it up to what we do.

3) Activity that can be repeated
Pencils from Meadow Kids
Repetitive activities are good as it will familiarize the child with the sequence and outcome. This is a good way to enhance a child memory. Imagine getting a child to sing ABC every day. I am sure within a month, they will sing the song on their own.

4) Activity that is relevant to daily routine
Tell Me About Today
Personally I find the best way to learn is to associate activities with daily routines. For instance, the concept of learning days can be a little challenging. The boys know that on weekdays they have to go to school and on weekends they can play. However they have problem identifying days of the week, months and even years. 

Tell Me About Today by Meadow Kids is a fun interactive chart that uses magnetic tags to let a child learn about days, months and year. The tags can be attach or remove on a magnetic board for a child to learn concept of days. 

Thus an activity that incorporates daily routines are a plus in our books. 

5) Activity that can be done anywhere
Lastly, activities should not be static and limited to a classroom environment. Activities should utilize the spaces around you in different settings. This will heighten the child's learning abilities and make learning fun. The products mentioned , Meadow Kids Stencils and Pencils, comes with a handy tote bag while Tell Me About Today is a board that can be carried anywhere. Thus will portability, you can conduct activities anyway, literally making the world the classroom for kids. 

Have fun teaching and learning!

Stencils and Pencils and Tell Me About Today is available at Meadow Kids

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