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RWS SEA Aquarium VIP Tour : Spooky Seas Edition

Halloween is just round the corner. It is time for the spooks to resurface on this day. This year Spooks takes to the high seas and invade RWS SEA Aquarium (SEAA). Initially I was worried if the theme would spook the Wackies , however when when the boys heard that they are on the way to a a Spooky adventure, they actually run their hands in glee. That did get me a little worried.
Fret not, this is not a scary or and gory review. The Spooky Seas edition is a family friendly Halloween experience and it is certified Kids Friendly for Halloween.

This is not our first visit to SEAA. In fact this is our third trip to the aquarium. In the past, we took the free and easy route, exploring the grounds on our own. For this trip, we embarked on a 3 hour long VIP Tour to explore the Spooky Seas of RWS SEA Aquarium and beyond. The VIP tour includes a guide who shared the hidden secrets of SEAA. As part of the package, we get to explore the nooks and crannies of SEAA, visiting 3 back-of-house areas that are exclusive to this tour.
Spooky Seas
To kick off the exploration the Spooky Seas with kids, pick up a map of Spooky Seas. There are 12 activities listed on the map for the little ones to explore.
Start Navigating Sailor!
Look out for Pumpkin Patch areas where you can get your trick or treats. Spooky Spots are listed on the map for you to spot fearsome animals such as the Japanese Sea Nettles, the Wolffish, Hammerhead Shark and the new resident in SEAA, the Sawfish. In between learn creepy facts about these mysterious creatures of the ocean.
Halloween Activities at SEEA
For the little ones, grab the pumpkin bags available near the entrance and fill them with chocolates and sweets at the activity stations. Tricks or Treats would delight a child on this journey.
Trick or Treat?
Visit the Pumpkin Patch stations and complete your stamps to get a little Halloween Souvenir at the Exit. Looking at the Wackies' cheery faces, it seemed that they are having more fun than being spooked at this point.
Stamp your Spooky Sea Maps
Along the journey, we spotted pumpkins and skeletons littered around the aquarium, giving it a spooky touch to SEAA during this Halloween.
There are also Halloween Characters Meet and Greet . Meet and take photos with characters such as the mermaid witch, sea jelly ghost and pumpkin puffer.

Venue: Various areas around S.E.A. Aquarium
Date: 4-6, 11-12, 18-19, 25-26 and 31 October
Time: 11am – 11.45am, 12.30pm-1.15pm, 3pm-3.45pm, 4.30pm-5.15pm
Chilling with Jack o Lantern
The Spooky map highlighted some spooky animals in SEAA. However we think there there are more underwater creatures that deserve that title. We made up our own list on the top 13 Sea creatures that are perfect for Halloween. Let's start off with the Skeleton Clad diver we spotted in the tunnel.
Say hi to Mr 'Bones' Diver
He is the mildest one.
Our Top 13 Spooky Animals
Our 13 Spooky Sea Animals are as follows
  • Giant Spider Crabs : 12 ft eight legged monster
  • Unicorn Fish : Mystical Fish with a legendary namesake
  • Angel Fish : Protectors against the evil ghouls of the ocean
  • Great White Shark : The nĂºmero uno predator
  • Goliath Grouper : The gentle giant
  • Sea Stars : Protectors of ocean beds
  • Mantra Rays : Magnificent Flying beast of the ocean
  • Sawfish : Chainsaw massacre candidate
  • Monray Eel : Electrifying
  • Moon Jelly Fish : Ghostly being with no body
  • Giant Octopus : Rumored to have sank ships with its tentacles
  • Sea Dragons : Mythical creatures of the ocean
  • Lion Fish : King of the ocean
Can you spot your favourite Spooky Sea Creature?


If you spot one, simply take a photo with it , post your photo on instagram #seaaquarium and stand a chance to win Star Trek and Ray Ban Experiences. Contest close 31st October.
Details here
Instagram #seaaquarium to win

Back to the VIP Tour. Being in a tour, other than in depth explanations of the exhibits which we love, we had priority queue for the Discovery Touch Pool. This is a great perk since queues for it are rather long when we visited. For those intend on taking a tour, do opt for the 9 am tour as you will get into the aquarium before the crowds and thus enjoy the exclusivity that comes with the absence of crowds.

Other perks include 3 back-of -house tours and feeding of the animals. Due to the exclusive nature of the tour, we could not take any photos. However the experiences of watching Mantra Ray feedings, exploring the top of Open Ocean Habitat tank, witnessing the breeding of Sea Jellies and Corals would be things to check off our to-do list during this tour.

In addition, there was a back of house tour at Dolphin Island. It was new for us as we had not been to this part of Marine Life Park. Do note that Dolphin interactions are not part of the tour. Nonetheless It was amazing the friendly Dolphins swimming next to us when we got close. During the short span there, we felt the love and happiness of both trainers and Dolphins alike. Regardless, we do acknowledge the different views on the Dolphins' presence in RWS and we respect them.
Back of house tour to Dolphin Island

The VIP Tour is a unique way to experience RWS SEAA. Not only do you get to visit places and indulge in activities exclusive to this tour, you get to learn more about SEAA in an intimate manner. Our outing was made more delightful with our knowledgeable guide who provided us with insights and knowledge that we would have otherwise miss or take for granted.
Honestly it may not be the spookiest experience we encountered but it was definitely one of the most educational and a great third eye opener .
S.E.A Aquarium VIP Tour

Adults $88, Child (4-12) $58 ( Discounts are available for annual pass holders)
Minimum 2 to commence a tour.
Reservations to be made 48 hours in advance. For VIP Tour reservation, please call +65 65776077 or email us at

For other terms and conditions, do refer here
SEAA Spooky Seas
SEAA Spooky Seas
Venue : Ocean Gallery
Date : 1st October to 16th November
Time : 10 am to 7 Pm
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TWD were invited to the event for review

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