Big Hero 6 "Fist Bump" into our hearts!


Fist bump to the most awesome show that boys (and girls) would love for 2014. If Frozen was last year tear hit for the little girls, Big Hero 6 would be the boys equivalent for this year.
Robots, cool Superheros, action pack animations, a unique story on friendship. This is one Disney movie that will tug your heartstrings and at the same time pump up those adrenaline. 2 thumbs fists up!
Disney Big Hero 6
Big Hero 6 is Disney latest action packed adventure about a young tech prodigy Hiro Hamada who lost his brother, Tadashi in an accidental fire. Driven to solve his brother's death, he transform his companion -Baymax, a super cute 'ballon' robot into one mean karate fighting machine. Together with his nerdy friends from his brother's university, they transform to a group of 6 high tech heros to bring justice and closure.
Set in San Fransokyo , it is sumptuously designed as a mix of Tokyo and San Fransico. This gives it an East West culture that will universally appeal to kids.

If you are expecting a hit song ala 'Let it go' in Frozen, this is not the show for you. Yet in true Disney fashion, there are heart tugging moments and life lessons in the movie that warrants a tissue or two. Add humour, high tech heros and a loveable robot in a form you least expected, this has the words hit, sequels and franchise written all over it.

For kids who love action and parents (especially Daddies) who loves tech, this tale of brotherhood, friendship and sacrifice is one that will endear the audience to the show. Big Hero 6 May be inspired by a Marvel comic of the same name, but the show has Disney stamped all over it. 

The main character Baymax is a sure hit with kids. He appears everytime someone screams 'Ow', as he is program as a medical robot who would dispense care and medical advice. Build in a non threatening ballon like form, he is like a big brother replacement to Hiro. The fun ratio turn up several notches when Hiro upgrades Baymax. Together with Honey Lemon, Gogo Tomago, Wasabi and Fred, they do battle with the masked villian to uncover the cause of Tadashi death.

As for the boys, they gave the show a 10/10 , proclaiming it to be the best show ever. It is hard to argue with them as this is one show I would gladly watch all over again.
Big Hero 6 opens in cinema today in Singapore. We say make it the School holiday movie to watch!

Growing up isn't easy and sometimes we need to show our friends and families we care. The simplest way to to share a hug. Spread the love get ready for a #baymaxhug ! 

TWD were invited to the movie for review.

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