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The 10 best gifts for Christmas

Christmas is coming.

Before you rush out to the malls to buy the latest toys or the latest gadgets your child demands, ask yourself this question. What presents do they really want?

Here are ten presents that do not cause a cent. The true value is priceless and would be cherish by the little ones.

1 Unconditional Love
Love cannot be measured, not by the presents you give, the time you spend or the sacrifices you made. A parent's love for a child should be unconditional and no strings attached. That love cannot be described, it is from the heart. Give unconditional love to your children. It will be the best gift they will receive.

2 Time
'Not free to play now, I need to work.'
How many times have you use that line on your child? Admittedly I have done so myself. Every time I did it, I feel a sense of guilt. Every time you said no, it will be time that will be lost forever. Give your time today.

3 A Childhood
We all are exhausted after a hard day's work. We need to take some time off by ourselves to recharge. Weekends are best spend at home, taking 12 hours nap. As for our kids, it's alright; just send them to weekend classes to keep them occupied. After all they are learning so it will be 'good' for them. Let's make it 3 back to back classes on a Saturday and Sunday. That will filled their weekend and make them eager to go back to school on Monday.

The kids don't need a childhood. They can do that when they grow up..... REALLY?
In Singapore, every weekend tuition centers or enrichment centers will be filled to the brim. Even during school holidays, hordes of children will be signed up for holiday workshops.
Honestly I think a child should be given a break once in a while. Already the normal school workload is 10 times more that it was a decade or two ago. Give them a regular break and not just a one week holiday every December school holidays. It is all about balance. The world beyond the classroom has valuable lessons in life waiting to be discovered.

4 Patience
'Stop that now! '
'One more time and I will bring the cane out.'
'How many times must I tell you that this is wrong?'
Are the above words spouting from your mouth?
It it is, you need to take a step back and take a deep breath. Count to 10 If you could and think before even opening your mouth. Sometimes our knee jerk reactions are not the best reactions. We teach our child to control their anger, to exercise self control and to be patient. Maybe we should teach ourselves that too.

5 Acknowledgement
It is not difficult to acknowledge a child's effort. Dwell not on the results. They cannot score 100 for their test every time. Focus instead on the efforts they place to get the result.
Acknowledgement of the effort will go a long way in building a child confidence.

6 Hugs & Kisses
This is the best therapy on earth. It is also a great way to show your love to your child. Don't be shy, give them a hug and a kiss.

7 Privacy
Sometimes a child, especially older ones need some own time to do their own stuff. Do give them the time. You might find that they are growing up much faster than you want them to, but this is not an excuse for you to stick with them 24/7.
Privacy may not be a bad thing. It gives them a whiff of adulthood and the chance to define their own personal space and identify.

8 Memories
The laughter, the hugs, the encouragement , the acknowledgement... These moments spend with your child is a memory your child will keep for life. Make those memories positive... Make them last a lifetime.

9 Forgiveness
Remember the innocence of a child. They are born without guilt. Yes when they grow up, they can be tiny terrors in their own right. However do remember for every little terror lies the Angel within you call your child. Learn to forgive their tantrums . Usually a 'naughty' child is just crying out for attention. Understand the real reason why tantrums occur, rather than blame the child for it. 

10 Your Presence 
If the above sound like a tough job to do, just remember your Presence makes the best presents.

Have a Wonderful and Blessed Christmas ahead.

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