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Happy Willow @ One KM Review and Giveaway

Happy Willow @ One Km

There is a new Playground in town and it is opened at the spanking new One KM.

Located in Tanjong Katong, Happy Willow is the latest indoor playground for kids to hit the eastern shores. Being the unbashful connoisseurs of Indoor Playground around Singapore ( and beyond ) , it is thus no surprise that The Wacky Duo are invited to roam the latest addition to Singapore Indoor Playground landscape.

Happy Willow was opened in Dec 2014, however as we were away, we only managed to visit on the first week of January. It was the right time too as it was after the first tough week in school.
Happy Willow
When we reach the entrance of Happy Willow located at #02-01/02 , we were a little worried. We were greeted with an open space that has a casual cafe setting and a whole rack for shoes.
But where is the playground?

The Wackies were a little worried. Did Daddy bought them along for a cup of tea?

Shoe rack - lots of space!
Their fears were duly resolved when they entered the premises and spotted the Play area cleverly tucked in a corner.

Toddlers Turf
Toddler's Turf
As the boys zoom straight into the big kids play area, I was left to explore the Toddler's turf that they zoom past.
The Toddler's turf is surprisingly big for a smallish playground set up. Divided into 3 main areas, it comprise of an area for crawling, a small ball pit and a make believe play area. Cars for toddlers are also available for play.

Personally this is one of the bigger toddler space we have seen in a while, making Happy Willow @ One KM a good spot for toddlers gathering.
Let's play
Toddler's would probably love the make-believe play area that comes with kitchen sets, train sets and even story books . Truth be told, even the older lads would not resist the toys.
Railway track
That is if you can get them off the super fun wrecking ball next to it.
Here I come!
The Kid's Den
Kid's Den
The Kid's Den is located just next to the Toddler's Play area. It is a 2 floor play structure that comprise of obstacles, puzzles and slides.
Let's climb
There is a smallish rock climbing wall. However it was too short for taller lads and its configuration is a tad too high for shorter ones.

Found insider the play structure is a small trampoline area for one.
Compared to other indoor playgrounds, the area for he bigger kids is relatively small. There are limited space for them to zoom around. A trip up and down the play structure could be covered in under 3 minutes by a very fast kid.

One good thing about the play area is the height. I managed to follow the boys one round around the obstacle without the need to crawl through spots.
The play areas are pretty well padded and there are various permutations to explore the playground with 3 different slides for descend. It took the boys 3 full hours exploring the playground before they are willing to leave,
Here we go !
Don't ask me how they can spend 3 hours in a playground, but hey if it gives me time to breath, I welcome it anyway.

For ball pit fans, there is one at Happy Willlow too. However there are no shooting stations at Happy Willow.

From observation, Happy Willow is best for toodlers and younger kids till 8 years old. Older kids might find this space a tad small for their liking.
Party rooms
Purple Party room
There are 2 party rooms on site win a different theme suited for boys and girls. For the package price, do refer to Happy Willow Website.

On a side note, please do not send us emails requesting for quotes to host parties. Unfortunately we do not run an indoor playground... But if there is a market our here, we just might in the future!
Green Party rooms
The Cafe
While the children ran riot in Happy Willow, adults can chill at the cafe. Prices are pretty reasonable and free Wi-Fi is available.

Thanks Happy Willow for a good workout on a Saturday afternoon!

If you intend to pay Happy Willow a visit, there is an opening promotion. You can get 7 play passes for the price of 6 ($100) while promotion last! Passes can be shared with siblings and friends of similar age group.

One Km
11 Tanjong Katong Road
#02-01/02 Singapore 437157

Fees and Charges - Source Happy Willow
Wacky Giveaway

Happy Willow would love our readers to join in the fun. We have a pair of passes to giveaway for one reader.

Simply do the following to qualify

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Giveaway close 31st Jan . Results out on this post on 3rd Feb

Terms and Conditions
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  • Thewackyduo.com is not liable for the prizes indicated in the event of default by the sponsors.
  • Winners of past giveaways in the last one month will not qualify for this giveaway.
  • Passes can be use at Happy Willow at One KM or One North
The Wacky Duo were invited to roam and review the playground. Giveaway is sponsored by Happy Willow

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