Phuket For Kids : Top 12 activities for kids

Phuket has always been a favourite beach destination for Singaporeans. 

Most would associate it as a venue for a romantic beach getaway or a party central location. On the other hand, families with younger kids might not have the impression that the island 1300 km away would be an ideal destination for kids.

To be a little honest, we were sceptical too...  until the last trip during the December holidays. In fact, the kids probably had the lion share of fun during this trip to Phuket. So much so, it warranted a feature on our Holiday for kids series. So take a dive into this post and discover Phuket for kids!

All Recommendations are certified tested by TheWackyDuo and on owning our tabs. 100% Real Life experiences.

1 Elephant Sanctuary Experience
Spectacular view
The Experience

Instead of  Elephant rides, you may want to consider visiting an Elephant Sanctuary instead where you can interact with the Elephants more positively. You get to learn about behavioural pattern and play touch and feed the elephants.

Try Phuket Elephant Sanctuary for a more humane experience with the elephants.

Book your Elephant Sanctuary experience here

My ride of the day
2 Phuket Sail Tours: Phang Nga Bay Tour
Island hopping with Phuket Sail Tour
The Experience
Island hopping is a must-do while you are in Phuket. There are 2 favourite options available, the Phi Phi island tour as well as Phang Ngan Bay tour. We took the latter option as the ride is smoother on a speedboat. Phang Ngan Bay is located within the bay and the waters are calmer in comparison to the open seas towards Phi Phi Island.

Our Phang Ngan Bay Tours includes exploration of Hong Caves on foot and canoe, a visit to the floating village Ko Panyi, a dip at a secluded beach at Krabi and more. The standard of speedboat tours differs from different operators. We had heard horror stories of 40 people squeezed into a speedboat meant for 25 people. Thus the choice of the 'right' operator will determine the experience.

Based on the recommendation on TripAdvisor, we set sea with Phuket Sail Tours. It was a splendid choice as their itineraries differ slightly from the normal tourist crowds. You will experience the major attractions without the crowds, making it a getaway we will always remember. A bonus, kids are well taken care of during the trip.

Book in advance to avoid disappointment as their daily tours are always full. Take the Phang Ngan Bay tour if you are travelling with kids.

Find Them
5 59/26, Si Sunthon, Thalang District, Phuket 83110, Thailand

Adult 3700 THB, Child 2000 THB
Sailor boy

3 Phuket Trickeye Museum
Fiery Phuket town
The Experience
Having to experience RWS Trickeye and having tons of fun in it, we decided to give Phuket Town Trickeye Museum a shot.

The huge layout and the many different murals of both local and international settings are a hit with the kids. It is well worth the hour-plus we spend there. If you are making a trip down to Phuket Town, this is one attraction not to be missed!

Don't forget your camera!

Find Them
130/1 Phang Nga Road, Taladyai, Muang, Phuket 83000 Thailand
10 am-7 pm


4 Phuket Butterfly Garden and Insect World
The Experience
Phuket Butterfly Park is one of the extra stop recommended when you are planning a trip down to Phuket Town. Located near Baan Teelanka, it is an open garden where butterflies are breed and left to fly freely. You can also choose to feed the hundreds of kios found in the pond in the middle of the park. If you want to explore the insect world, an hour there should suffice.

Fish food is available for an extra cost. One packet should be sufficient.

Find Them
71/6, M.5, Soi PaneungYaowarat Road, T. Rassada A.Muang, Phuket 83000 Thailand.

Adult 300 THB, Child 150 THB

Giant bug!
5 Baan Teelanka (Upside Down House)
Upside Down House Phuket
The Experience
An attraction that Phuket is famous for is the Upside Down House ( Baan Teelanka). This is a 3 inverted storey house!. Everything in the house is nailed to the ceiling. You get a topsy-turvy feeling when you are in there.

It does get a little crowded so it may affect your photos. The rule to photography there is to take a normal shot and invert it to get the upside-down effect. The attraction can be covered in under one hour. The 950sqm Maze is located next to it and will cost extra if you intend to explore it.
Study Time
Compared to the Trickeye Museum, we think this attraction is less 'entertaining' as the kids are a tad short to take interesting photos. Nonetheless, an upside-down house does give them a different perspective

Go early to avoid the crowd.

Find them
Baan Teelanka
51/11 Moo 5, Bypass Road, Ko Kaeo, Phuket Town, Phuket 83000, Thailand

Get your tickets here
Hang in there!

6 The Beach
Add caption
The Experience
Phuket is famed for its beaches. From the popular (and crowded) Patong beach to the tourist-friendly Karon and Kata beach. A day out at the beach is a must for a trip to Phuket.

To make it even more special, go island hopping and land yourself on a private beach. We did that with Phuket Sail Tour and found ourselves snorkelling on a beach with less than 50 people. There is no beach vendors, lots of space and privacy.
Private Beach

7 Phuket Fantasea
Phuket Fantasea

The Experience
Billed as Phuket ultimate theme park, this is one place to visit with kids. Other than the award-winning "Fantasy of a Kingdom" show, there is a Similan Entertainment Center, The Tiger Kingdom, Elephant rides, Carnival Village Shopping street and live stage shows.

This is a night activity stamped approved for kids!

There are restaurants near Phuket sea, you might like to choose that instead of the Buffet + Show option.

Find Them
Phuket Fantasea
HQ 99 M3 Kamala Kathu Phuket 83150 Thailand

Get your tickets for Phuket Fantasea here
Palace of Elephants Theatre
8 Simon Cabaret
Simon Cabaret
The Experience
Ok, I will be the first to admit, Simon Cabaret may not be 100% suitable for kids. There are themes that some may find offensive. However, it is not explicit and in some parts entertaining too. The performers are billed as 'more of a man than you will ever be and even more of a woman too'. It depends on your level of comfort if you decide to bring younger kids there.

Tuks Tuks are available after the show. There is no need to book transport when you visit. Also, check online booking for offers

Find Them
Simon Cabaret
Kathu District, Phuket, Thailand

Get your tickets here
Welcome to Simon Cabaret
9 The Kids Club
Add caption
The Experience
This is probably the latest indoor playground in Phuket located in the heart of Patong. The Wacky Duo are the local indoor playground veterans, they would love to experience an overseas indoor playground to add to their repertoire.

Opened about a year ago, the indoor playground is well maintained. You can opt to drop your child or stay with them at the playground. There is a separate sitting area where you can enjoy a cup of tea and free wifi. Play wise, there are lots of different slides, flying fox, trampoline and even a mini football field located on its premises.

We used the opportunity to take turns to look after the kids and shopping around Patong. Located directly opposite Juncelyon, the location is perfect for parents who need a little time out while the little ones get their dose of Kinectic fun.

Finding Them
Promenade Mall Patong, 2nd Floor
70/1 Bangla Rd., Patong
Kathu, Phuket 83150 THAILAND
Child 200THB per hour, 350THB per day

10 Kidzoona / Molly Fantasy
The Experience

Kidzoona and Molly Fantasy can be found side by side at Juncelyon. Kidzoona is meant for kids under 12 and has play areas where children can role-play, jump on trampoline and slide on large inflatable slides. Although the recommended ages are for 12 and under, we think it is more suitable for 8 and under. Older children might prefer the amusement rides at Molly Fantasy which is located at the side.

Need time to shop at Juncelyon? This will be a good place for kids to explore while the adults do their shopping.

Find Them
Molly Fantasy
11 Hotel pool
The pool at Bell Pool Villa Resort
The Experience
Sometimes the best thing to do is to do nothing. If planning for a day out is too taxing, we recommend staying in your resort and enjoy the facilities such as such the pool.
Trust us, the kids will not complain whenever they swim.

12 Other Notable activities
Picture source from the Internet - All rights belong to the respective owners
There are lots more kids friendly activities in Phuket to explore which we have not done so. This is a list of activities that we will KIV for our next trip.
Keep these activities archive for your next family trip to Phuket

As for us, we will be back!


shopmyblog said...


May i know which resort you stayed? Thanks

TWD said...

We stayed at Bell Pool Villa

Anonymous said...


May I know how did you get around in Phuket? Did you rent a car or did you hire a driver and call? Thanks.

TWD said...

We took the hotel transfer to the main town and tuk tuk back. It's quite easy if you are going to tourist spots. For Phuket Sail , it was a return transfer as part of the trip package.

feli said...

Hi, did you book the trip to Fantasea at those daytrip counters/stalls ard patong? Roughly how much time would you recommend to enjoy the other attraction s in Fantasea before the show?

Unknown said...

Thank you for the article. I have found it very helpful except for the part with elephants. I have found that even if these kinds of places are certified it is because they want you to book it regardless. Using animals for amusement is wrong. However nice they are treating them elephants are not meant for a ride. They develop arthritis and back pain quickly.

Please do not recommend it as it is animal cruelty.

Thank you.

TWD said...

Hi Julia, Siam Safari was the only one certified by the Royal Thai Govt at that time . Unfortunately it had been closed . We would not recommend others due to the stories we read and heard about elephants cruelty . There are a few santuries without elephant trekking . Those are better options now .

Gao Thai said...

Your kids are so adorable. It seems like they really had fun in Phuket :)