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Transformers 30th Anniversary Exhibition @ Singapore Science Center

Guess who is in town ?
Autobots roll out!

Recently The Wackies got their hands on the 'Year of The Goat' Optimus Prime and this had rekindle their relationship with Transformers. Thus when the invitation came over the weekend to 'roll out' to Transformers 30th anniversary exhibition @ Science Center, the boys could not resist the offer to check out the awesome 'robots in disguise'

Zone 0- First Encounter
Protect or Destroy
The exhibition is housed on The Annexe , Science center . Admission is separated from the main science centre , but there are valued packages available .

The areas are zoned to resemble the movie scenes . There are 6 zones throughout the area. Admittedly the different scene can be a tad confusing to the kids. It would be great if they are zone after the different types of Transformers for more impact. After all , they remember the characters but not the full movie.

Zone 1 - The Wrap
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Still for movie fans of Transformers, they would probably find the scenes familiar. As for me, I am just in awe of the toys that were displayed and wished I have my hands on them when I was a kid.
Optimus Prime
In the first chamber, there are also interactive stations for you to get to know more about your favourite Transformer.

Bet you did not know that Optimus Prime is 10 meters tall and is actually too tall to ride a roller coaster ( and no, I did not make this up! )
Optimus facts
There is a nice chart to show the relative sizes of the Autobots and Dinobots
How tall are the transformers?
The main highlights would probably be the figures on display.
Some of the figures were quite impressive. However compared to the Spectacular 'Titans of the past' exhibit, we do find the lack of animatronics diminishes its impact.

Zone 2- Devastation Visits Chicago
Optimus Prime
There are 'interactive' buttons for you to press, but most just remit dialogues or sound.
Press here
Still it did not deter Little Lou from posing with his favourite characters. Actually he had 'seen' this exhibit earlier at one of local youtuber Jiaohao's video. So needless to say, he was excited about seeing the transformers in person.

Strike a Pose

Not all Transformers are build alike. There are some figures that makes you go Wow and others that makes you indifferent.

Zone 3 - Desert Skirmish
BumbleBee was one of the outstanding figures on display.
For kids ( and adults ) you get to play the laser doge game inside the exhibit with your admission tickets twice !
How fast can you go?
Other than that, do remember to take a copy of the activity book where clues are given for you to find hidden treasures within the exhibit.
Find he treasures
We spotted the Matrix of Leadership .
Matrix of Leadership
Don't miss Optimus Prime in his familiar red and blue vehicle mode too
Optimus prime
Aside from the figures, there is also an interesting 3 D Mapping on display. Using graphics and vibrant effects, this makes a refreshing visual treat.

Zone 4 - Mapping Prime
Visual treat
Interactive stations are found throughout the exhibit for the little ones to experiment. After all this is the science center.

Zone 5 - The Secret Place

But if we were to choose between the interactive stations and the figures on display, we would choose the figures anyway!

As an added bonus, the Transformers Age of Extinction is also shown in a movie theatre set up. If you have not watched it, it will be value for your money to catch it during the exhibit.

Just one catch, there are no popcorn on sale.
Movie time
Zone 6 - The Nest
The star of the exhibit would probably be the 2 large 7 meters tall Bumblee and Optimus Prime.
Bumblebee and Optimus Prime
The statues are impressive, but the backdrop of scaffolding does affect the outcome of the shot.
Optimus Prime
The rooms are also quite dark, so bring a bright lens of crank up your ISO for a decent shot.

Interactive stations
The best part of the exhibit for me would be the impressive array of Transformers toys on display. That included the Wacky Version of Transformers.
From the assortment of Optimus Primes to many other characters, this is a true Transformers fan paradise.
Optimus prime
Or if you are like me , a closet geek who happens to like toys and photography, having the opportunity to get up close with these toys is 'more than meets the eye'
As for the boys, since they could not get their hands on the toys safety protected being glass panels, they decided that a photo with a moving Optimus Prime is a good alternative.
Optimus Prime
Other activities for kids includes a Ball pit and Balloon sculpture. Both are complimentary.
Ball pit
There are other Arts and Craft activities , but they required additional fees to participate.
Given the admission fees,it will great that Science Center can consider making it free. The activities actually made good souvenirs for the kids.
Paint a Transformer
So is this exhibit for everyone?

If you or your child are a fan, you should visit the exhibit. After all how many times would you have the opportunity to get up close and personal with your favourite Transformer in Singapore?
Transformer Optimus Prime

Transformer 30th Anniversary Exhibition
1 Nov to 1 Mar 2015
The Annexe, Science Center
Admission from $30 per adult and $22 per child. Family pass at $88 ( For 2 Adults and 2 Kids

The Wacky Duo and family were invited to explore the event. No review was necessary, but we just love to do one in return for the invite!

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