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Puss in Boots Roller Coaster opens in Universal Studios Singapore (USS)

Hola amigos! Would you would like to take the new Puss in Boots Ride in Universal Studios Singapore (USS)?

"Si! We want!"

Came the resounding response by The Wackies (minus the Si of course, since none of them speak Spanish ) . Thus an impromptu trip to USS to experience it's latest attraction - Puss in Boots Giant Journey is in order. This is the world's first suspended roller coaster themed after the Puss in Boots franchise. The launch of the new ride headlines USS fifth anniversary celebrations , with more exciting events coming up for the year.

Let's Run for it
Being a new ride, we anticipated a huge crowd for it, especially since this is the first weekend opening. It was no surprise that we rushed to the ride once the doors of USS opened. Located at the end corner of Far Far Away, the ride is within the Giant's Castle entwined with a giant beanstalk.
Puss in Boots Entrance
Upon entrance to the queue, you will be greeted by a large picture frame with tales of Puss in Boots within. Useful distraction if the queue gets a tad too long.
Puss in Boots tales
The queue area is an shaded and airy spot. There is no air con, but you would not melt under the sun here.

In case you have children waiting in the queue, there are a few props such as gigantic kitchen wares and wall murals on how to build an airship to distract them with.
Gigantic Wares
Want to read a book?
If you are wondering, there is a story behind this ride. Puss in Boots and Kitty Softpaws goes in search of precious golden eggs in a bid to save San Ricardo's Orphanage
Quest for Golden Eggs
Guests will take off in an airship to participate on an anti-gravity swashbuckling flight. Did I mentioned that this is actually a roller-coaster?
Actually I had intentionally left it out when I told The Wackies that they are going to test the new ride. Knowing their reserved nature, this little nugget of information might just dissuade them from the ride.

Thankfully when the 9 seater airship arrived, it hardly look like your typical roller coaster. For one it is a suspended ride and not the usual roller coaster the boys are accustomed to. Each airship is divided into 3 sections with 3 seats each. Sit up front if you would like to experience the ride head on. Sit right at the back if you would like the sensation of anti gravity during the ride.
Humpty Alexander Dumpty's flying machines.
Once onboard the Humpty Alexander Dumpty's latest flying machine, strap on tight and be prepared to be rocketed through plenty of twist and turn as you are pursued by the Giant Terror.Do note that photography and filming is not allowed on the ride. Due to the twist and turn, any unsecured items may just pop out of your hand and be lost forever!
Ready for the ride.
Spoiler alert! Skip this part if you do not want to know what goes on during the ride!

The Great Terror is unveiled during the ride as the Giant Goose!
During the ride, we followed Puss in Boots and Kitty Softpaws to escape from the Giant Goose and to find the golden eggs. After a few turns and 3 drops from different heights, the pair had accomplished the mission and the orphanage is saved!
There are 23 animatronics characters in this 2 minutes ride. Can you spot all of them?

The boys enjoyed the ride so much that we decided that once is not enough even when they were told that this ride is a roller coaster! Thankfully the queue was still quiet during the early morning and we ended up with 3 rounds around the ride. Guess the fear of Roller Coaster had officially faded from the boys' memory.We had wanted to go for the fourth time after we sat other rides around the part, but it was a different story 4 hours later.The queue had escalated to waiting time of an hour plus!
Am I Tall enough?
Before you spend your time waiting in line to ride , do note that there is a height restriction for this. Guests must be 100cm to ride. A supervising adult has to accompany children between 100cm and 122 cm. Check your height restriction using the Am I tall enough? guide at the park entrance.

We are glad that this ride had launched in USS. The ride is a pleasant addition to rides catering for families in USS. Compared to the mild Sesame Street Spaghetti Space Chase and the high speed Enchanted Airways, the Puss in Boots Giant Journey tucks in between them in terms of adrenaline rush. However in terms of family entertainment, this ride is perfect , balancing thrills that both young and old can enjoy at the same time.

This would surely be on top of The Wackies list for their next visit to USS!

We will be back!
Sponsored Disclaimer
TWD were invited to ride on Puss in Boots for this review.

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