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Human Body Experience @ Science Centre

Say aww
Ok we are late.

No make that very late.

The Human Body Experience (HBX) had opened in Science Centre in May 2014. It took us more than a year after before we can get to experience it.

Better late than never!
Enter the Larynx
We were quite amazed with the entrance to HBX. We had to climb in through the mouth before we can get into it. Needless to say, not everyone is for it. Little Lou was too worried about getting eaten alive, so it is up to me and Big C to shrink ourselves and enter the body ala Ant man.

As we walked through the organs, muscles and systems, it was hard not to be impress with the setup. This is actually a good exhibit to introduce the little ones to what is going on inside the body.

There are a couple of section where it looks pretty eerie. The ladyrinth of vines and the cardiovascular system are 2 such places. The thumping of the heart in the heart chamber sure makes one skip a beat or two.

We had hastily walked past it and had forgotten to play the the giant bouncing ball cells there.
Bouncing ball cells and the heart
Along the way we got into the brain . It's a rare chance for the boy to see what's inside the brain. I am not quite sure how we ended there from the heart, but it was an interesting venture.
The Brain
Before long we were flushed through the intestines , through a series of views , down a smelly passage and ...

...ended our journey from the backside.

It may not be a glamourous way to exit , but it sure was fun.So much so we decided to go in twice ( the ticket allows one repeated entry) to experience it once more.

This exhibit is probably suited for kids age 5 and above. It may get a tad scary within, so kids under 12 must be accompanied with an adult. Younger kids or adults who are castrophobic might find this a little uncomfortable.

Nonetheless if you want to take a peek at what is going on inside your body, the HBX makes a good exhibition. Other than turning into Antman or cutting your body up, we think HBX will be a better option to explore what is within you.

The Little Details
Human Body Experience
Singapore Science Centre
Adult $15 Child $12

Sponsored Disclaimer
TWD were invited to the event for a review.

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