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LEGO Rebuild your memories SG50 @ Raflles City

Source: LEGO

LEGO has recently concluded a competition where Singaporeans can rebuild their memories with LEGO Bricks. The competition was held specially for SG50 and the winners had been selected.

The winning creations are now on display at Raffles City Shopping Mall (level 1) from 10 to 20 July, and at Raffles City Atrium (level 3) from 21 - 30 July 2015. Featuring original works from LEGO fans age 6-51, this is a treat for local LEGO fans.

Here is a sneak peek at the winning entries.
SBS Double Decker Bus
Chua Zhe Yu Darius Age 6

SBS Double Decker Bus
Can you believe that this creation is done by a boy age 6?
That shows you how creative you can get with LEGO Bricks.

SBS Double Decker
SBS Double Decker has been a feature on the roads for decades. This creation depicts the SBS buses from the 1980s. Check out the bus stop for reference.

Sir Stamford Raffles
Stephanie Low Heui Tze Age 7
Sir Stamford Raffles LEGO
Who says LEGO are meant for boys only. The only winning entrant from a girl age only 7!

Sir Stamford Raffles is considered the founder of Singapore. The original statue is found at Raffles Landing Site at Boat Quay. Now you can make your own as inspired by Stephanie.
Amin Avighna Rajesh Age 9
The port is an important part of Singapore. It is the root of Singapore's economic success that bought a tiny fishing village to where it is today.

Singapore port is still one of the busiest port in the world and remains a core driver to the economic success of Singapore.

Fact : Crane operators can earn $2000-$7000 upwards and has since become hot in demand since National Development Minister Khaw Boon Wan reveal that supply is short in Singapore.
Crane Operators
Nostalgic Chinatown Street Scene
Malcom Chee Age 10
Nostalgic Chinatown
Taking a cue from the LEGO Modular set, Maclom created a typical scene at Chinatown.

The details are impressive with both front and back of the buildings exposed.

It was a little sad that the display Trishaw was broken. It was probably caused by someone knocking onto the displays. The displays may be inside a glass panel, but accidental or deliberate knocks can sometimes destroy the hard work of the participants. So be gentle on them when you are viewing the creations.
Bukit Timah KTM Railway Station
Ong Jia Cheng 12
Bukit Timah KTM Railway Station

Personally, I had not been to Bukit Timah KTM Railway Station, but judging from the pictures I had seen, this is quite a good representative of how it should be.

Wait a minute.

Where is the choo choo train?

Aquarium in the Mall
Terence Chew Age 23
Aquarium in the Mall

Guess where can you find an aquarium in a shopping mall.

Wisma Atrium!

This brings back memories of the past. It is famous as a meeting point whenever you meet friends at Wisma Atrium. Sadly it had since been removed in 2008.

Miss the real thing?

Don't fret, this LEGO creation comes close in detailing the scene of yesterday. This is one of my top 3 picks for this competition.
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The Mama Shop
Kenneth Chen Age 29
MaMa Shop
If I had to choose one winner out of this 10 outstanding creations, the Mama shop will be my top choice.
These HDB Mama shops used to be a common sight at the void decks in HDB.
I remember the days when you would play soccer at the Mama shop and subsequently head to the Mama shop for a drink.

The details in this Masterpiece is simply outstanding. Check out the bamboo poles and shirts hanging out from the window.
Block 12
The small corridor on the second floor is typical of a HDB flat. The boy with the ear set walking down the corridor looks like a typical beng of the 80s.
Ah Beng
Don't get me started on the 80s monstrous radio.

As for the void deck, it is a throwback to yesteryears with the orange telephone and bicycle rack. I am not quite sure about the 50km speed sign though...

If LEGO decided to release this as a set. I am sure that they will have many ready buyers in Singapore for it!

Childhood Barber Memories with Dad
Eugene Tan Age 38
Barber shop
If you had been to a barber shop in the 1980s, this typical barber shop will bring back memories of yesterday.
Barber shop

Barber shop used to be standalone shops and can be identified by the red, white and blue barber pole.
As for the interior, the barber chair (which) looks similar to a dentist chair is another trademark of barber shop of old.

Drawing Memories
JOOHeng Tan Age 42
Drawing Memories

Spot the Singapore Flyer and Marina Bay Sands.
This is present Singapore represented in a futuristic style.

Fire Cracker & Lion Dance
Ta Kok Mun Age 51
Fire Cracker & Lion Dance

Who does not like Lion Dance?

Lion Dance always draw a crowd and creation depicts it to a T.
This would be one of my top 3 picks. However if I was to pick a single LEGO creation, the Lion from the Lion dance wins it hands down. The detailing in the Lion is simply outstanding.
The Drums and cymbals crew adds a touch of realism to this scene.

Too bad the Fire Cracker had dropped from the original setup. Hopefully the organiser can fix it and bring the scene back to its original splendor.
Feeling inspired ?

You can also build a piece of Singapore history at Raffles City. From 21-25 July, register to be part of the exclusive LEGO event to build an 8.5 foot LEGO Dragon Playground with your kids at Raffles City. This event is open to the public.

And if you really want a bit of Singapore history, LEGO® SG50 Limited Edition Singapore Icons Mini Builds are available for shoppers to build on the spot upon redemption with a minimum of SGD50 purchase on any LEGO products in a single receipt at the respective outlet within the stated duration, while stocks last.

LEGO® SG50 Limited Edition Singapore Icons Mini Builds will be available from 6th July onwards at the below locations:
  • Cable Car - Toys’R’Us (VivoCity) from 6th July to 31st July
  • HDB Flat - Robinsons (Raffles City Shopping Centre) from 6th July to 20th July
  • Ice Cream Bike - LEGO Certified Store @ Resorts World Sentosa from 11th July to 25th July
  • Dragon Playground - Raffles City Shopping Centre, Atrium, Level 3 from 21st to 30th July
Icons of Singapore
The Little Details
Rebuild your memories
Raffles City Shopping Mall (level 1) from 10 to 20 July
Raffles City Atrium (level 3) from 21 - 30 July 2015

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