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McDonald's Happy Meal : DK Books

The boys are no stranger to McDonald's Happy Meals. It is by their own admission, their comfort food of choice. Thankfully for us as parents , McDonald's Happy Meals has been offering a balanced great tasting meals to suit the kids since 1979. The kid's-size fare now comes in 500 calorie-and-under sets. In addition, you can choose healthier options such as milk along with choice of Apple Slices or Corn cup. We are glad to know they had also switched to using Canola Blend oil to fry Chicken McNuggets thereby reducing saturated fats by 30%.

Then of course there is the toy that comes in every Happy Meal to 'reward' the little ones.
Happy Meals Toys

As enticing as the toys were, as parents, we do appreciate McDonald's latest offering with Happy Meals... Educational books specially selected from publisher Dorling Kindersley's (DK). Reading a book especially an educational one would no doubt add brownie points and nods of approval from many parents.
Books in an Happy Meal
The books offered comprises of 2 different series. "Watch me Grow" and "Wow" Series.
McDonald's New Happy Meals books (Toy shown not included)

The "Watch me Grow" books offers an animals-eye view of life through a collection of 4 titles that include PANDA and ELEPHANT. This series is suitable for age 3-5 and provide snippets of the animal's different stages of life.
Watch me Grow Series

The "Wow" series is an interesting show and tell experience , exploring subjects such as SPACE and HUMAN BODY through beautiful photographic images. Suitable for children age 7-9, it provides many interesting facts that would be useful to add to the general knowledge of the targeted audience.
WOW Series
The books are pocket size and would be very useful for day trips or vacation reads. We love the bit size information that could develop imagination and a love of learning.
Do note, if you are age 6 , you are in luck as both the series would be suitable for you !

The Planets that orbits our sun
From now till the end of the month, different sets will be made available every Thursday at 11 am 

Week 1 : 3 Sep - 9 Sep
1 Watch me grow! Panda

Week 2 :10 Sep - 16 Sep
3 Watch me grow! Butterfly

Week 3 17 Sep-23 Sep
5 Watch me grow! Elephant

Week 4 24 Sep- 30 Sep
7 Watch me grow! Penguin

As for the boys, they welcome the books in place of the toys. If truth be told, these days, the toys we had from McDonald's goes straight into cold storage as the boys outgrown them. Comparatively, the books will provide them useful knowledge and satisfy their curious little minds. These would definitely be added to their modest book collection.

To add even more fun into readings, kids can join Ronald McDonald for a session of Art and Craft and fun reading at the following restaurants from 10am to 12 pm at the respective dates.

12 September : McDonald's West Coast Park
13 September : McDonald's Jurong Central Park
19 September : McDonald's Bishan Park
20 September : Mcdonald's Ang Mo Kio Park
26 September : Mcdonald's Kallang
27 September : Mcdonald's Rideout Tea Garden

Books or Toys : Make your choice!

Let's hope this is the start of a new trend for McDonald's Happy Meal with more innovative freebies for kids!

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