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Au Revoir 2015 , Salut 2016!

In a few more hours, we will be saying goodbye to 2015.

2015 has been a turbulent year for The Wacky Duo. This is the year where the boys bid their last goodbye to their maternal grandfather due to a sudden illness. Given the unexpected passing, the family was sad to have lost one of our patriarch. Life just is not the same when one's love one is lost.

In terms of our blog, there had been a significant reduction in blog engagement as it was decided that there should be more balance to family life. Although the numbers of our posts had declined by about 30 %, our readership had actually increased. Focusing on quality vs quantity posts had proven to be a wise decision and will continue in the new year.

In all honesty, we are still trying to find our own unique voice. The best way to do that would be to look at the posts that appeal to the readers the most.These are our top ten post for the year that had the most readership.
Here we go...

Our first sponsored overseas trip. This was a vacation that we had everything taken care of and at the same time felt thoroughly pampered and relaxed. A great way to stay the new year.
Read about it at A to Z Club Med Bintan Guide for family

They say good things come in pairs and we agreed. Our second sponsored overseas trip in a span on months. It was also the first time the whole family stayed over at Penang. From the wonderful colonial stay to the yummy Penang food, it was a trip of new experiences for us.

Sharing these experiences was always our pleasure and we were glad you like it too.

Read about it at Yesterday Charm @ Lone Pine Hotel

It is an open secret that I am an AFOL(Adult Fan of LEGO). Thus when I got wind that the community would be having a MOC (My Own Creation) exhibition with SG 50 flavour, I knew I could not miss this. Judging from the readership, so did many readers.

Read about it at The Little Red Brick Show (SG 50 Edition)

The Lego theme continues with another post featuring local LEGO works depicting the past of Singapore in LEGO. Featuring LEGO creation of a wide range of ages, it was a walk down memory lane. The Wisma Atrium aquarium made of LEGO was one of the outstanding piece during the exhibition.

Read about it at LEGO : Rebuild your Memories

One of the fun things we like to do is to pen a list of activities and places to go in a particular country after every trip we made. This list is targeted at families with young kids. Our Penang for kids remains a favourite among readers.

Read about it at Penang for kids

Penang was not the only destination that attracted attention from the readers. Phuket for kids is also another favourite read.

Read about it at Phuket for kids

Sometimes we like to have a little fun with tongue in cheek posts, such as fun facts on the new SG commemorative notes. During the launch , there were amazingly long queues for it. Nowadays you can simply walk into any banks to change the notes. Still the post remained its popularity in 2015.
Read about it at Sg 50 Commemorative notes : 10 Fun Facts

This was our most indulgent post we did this year It was loads of fun catching the toys as part of our 'research ' . We hope readers who read this post picks some tips up to conquer the claw machines!
Read about it at UFO Catcher Tips

As a parent blogger, I love to read other family blogs for inspirational stories as a guide to parenthood. There are loads of gems out there and it would be a useful resource outlet for parents. Every family blogs listed is a must read IMHO.

Read about it at Popular Family blogs in Singapore

Our Fireworks posts had always been popular. With SG50 celebrations, this year's fireworks was bigger and better. Moreover it was accompanied by the most spectacular flypast ever during Singapore National day. It was no surprised that this was the most read posts given the significance it personifies.

Read about it at Best Places to watch Singapore SG50 Fireworks

In addition, we would also like to share our own top 3 posts that we loved in 2016.

This year , we shared the nation's sorrow with the loss of our founding father , Mr Lee Kuan Yew. Personally I was so touched by the event that I had penned this letter to my sons. On that day, the nation lost her Dad and we lost a great leader.

Read about it at Letters to Sons : Remembering Lee Kuan Yew

Changing the way we normally chronicle our holidays, we decided to list our itinerary for the Tokyo holiday. It sounded rather topsy-turvy, but it was not our normal way of creating a list. Nonetheless, it was a great way to remember the memories and a better way to share with readers too.

The pictures on the post were also edited with our own editing presets. The vibrant colours suit our blog content and would probably be our signature colors going forward.

Read about it at Snippets of Tokyo

One of our wishlist this year was to have our first sponsored Staycation. We must have been very good lads and lass that our wish was fulfilled. Singapore Marriott Tang Plaza Hotel kicked off our Staycation journey in the heart of the city. It was made more special as this was the first time we returned to Marriott after a decade. The last time the family stayed there, there was only 2 of us. We had our wedding dinner at Marriott as we started our journey as husband and wife. It was significant for us as 10 years onwards , we had a chance to relive the memories with our 2 boys.

Read about it at Singapore Marriott Tang Plaza Hotel Staycation

There you go, the list of popular and personal favourite posts of 2015. Judging from the content, readers seemed to like our quirky, witty and informative posts that focused on kids. Hey... it seemed that being 'quirky, witty and informative' could be our voice for 2016.

To our readers, a big thank you for following us throughout the years and bearing with my (Very) bad vocabulary and grammar.

To our sponsors, it was a pleasure working with you. If we had been a pain in the butt at any point of time, do accept our sincere apologies. Regardless the case , we hope for a fruitful partnership in 2016.
As time ticks on and the year passes, do spare a moment with the family. You cannot stop time, but you can always build memories. As for our New Year resolution, there is only one... to continue to build those memories be it sweet or bitter.

Stay safe and have a Happy New Year ahead!

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