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Eggs 'n Things Odaiba

Visiting Odaiba Japan?

This place is worth a visit.

During our recent trip to Tokyo, we stumbled into this airy cafe in search of food early in the morning. As we were living in Hilton Odaiba, the nearest mall , Aquacity only opens its doors at 11am. Having reached our destination at 9 plus, we were simply too famished to wait for the main mall to open.

Thankfully Eggs N Things opened its doors for business at 9am. That meant we had a place to have a decent breakfast. As it turned out, breakfast was much better than decent. So much so, we went back for seconds during our trip. Since it was a great little space to have breakfast, we think it would be worth your while to have a meal there when you are in the vicinity.

English Menu @ Eggs 'n Things
Most menus in Japanese restaurants are in Japanese. Nonetheless, English menu was available at Eggs 'N Such, making ordering a simple task.

Since Christmas was around the corner, we decided to sample their holiday season special pancakes that Eggs 'n Things are well known for.

We ordered the white chocolate chips mixed with Berry and whipped cream.

Eat it with maple, coconut or strawberry syrups available on the table.
Choose your syrup

I do not know if it was the ambiance or if we were really hungry, but the pancakes tasted delectable.

There were other food choices such as Meat and Eggs or simply Omlette.

The little one had his own set meal too. This consist of a little bit of everything to suit the most demanding taste-buds.

Not only did we adored the food, the light and airy ambiance makes this place great to chill out. At our last visit, almost 80% of the tables have young kids on them.

Loving it!

If you are looking for a family friendly place for all day breakfast, we think Eggs 'n Things Odaiba is a great fit.

The Little Details
Eggs 'n Things
Japan, 〒135-0091 Tokyo, Minato 台場1丁目7-1 アクアシティお台場 3F
Opens 9 am - 11pm


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