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Toy Story Mania DisneySea Review

Our last trip to DisneySea Tokyo was a fruitful one. 
We managed to sit on many rides in Disneysea , but we could not forget about THE RIDE.

We are not going to do a full review of Disneysea. The reality is that is it too big to cover for a day especially with young kids in tow. We had been there 3 consecutive times, but have yet to sit all the rides. Yet there is one ride you should not and must not miss in DisneySea. Toy Story Mania is probably one of the best amusement ride we have encountered to date for kids. 

The fist time we rode this last year, we had to queue an insane 150 mins with 2 patient young boys. There were no regrets then and that speaks volume for an amusement ride.

The good thing about the LONG wait is that there are other minor attractions around the ride to distract you.  First get prep with a talkshow performance by Mr Potato.

Do note he speaks Japanese, so if your language skills does not go beyond Arigatou gozaimas, you would be better off watching the audience reactions for cues on when to laugh.

Carnival Corral
Before the real deal, step right up to Carnival Corral for a mini carnival experience consisting of a mini stepping game, funny mirrors and more.

Stepping game
Once you get warm up , step in line and wait at least 60 minutes if you are very lucky!

Thank goodness for the funky and colourful interiors. Toys , colouring boys and games of GIANT size makes a wonderful feast for your eyes.

Colourful interiro Toy Story Mania
Play ' Woody' with the kids while waiting. you will be amaze how short the queue feels when you do that.

Along the way, near the end of the queue, pick up your requisite 3D Glasses for the ride.
3 D Glasses for Toy Story Mania
Step into Andy'splayroom and be ready to board your ride. You will be amazes by the interior. It would have seem that you have shrunk to Toy size!
Each ride capsule sits 4. 2 will face back to back so you could not see your ride mates on the other side.
Toy Mania Ride
Each rider will have their own individual paint gun. Simply pull the string to shoot.

I cannot show you the ride because it was in 3D. Nonetheless you will be rotate and spin around the room and made stops at different 3D panels. There you will be playing a series of mini games where you will throw darts, shoots and throw rings at various items to score points. To score more points aim for the higher scores on the screen. You will see paint balls literally shooting out from your machine.

The finale will be a bonus round where it will likely decide the winner.

At the end of the ride, individual score will be display on the ride. There will also be a panel to display the highest score in the vehicle.

The ride itself takes slightly longer than a normal ride. At the end of it, no one is complaining given how much fun it is!

There was no indoor merchandise stall at the ride. Instead there is an open air store that looked like an amusement game stall. Make a stop there to get the funky headgears on sale.
We love the Martian hat with the glowing eyes!

Given the incredulous queues, in order to sit on the ride twice in a day, we do recommend you to get fast pass for the rides.

Fast Pass
You MUST get the rides first thing in the morning as it runs out as early by 10am!

The queues for the fast pass looks scary as it stretches to Boardway Music Theatre. It takes about 20 minutes to get your fastpass from there.

We could not wait another 2 hours plus for the ride itself, so we got the fastpass in the morning for a ride at 7pm! 

Nonetheless it was worth the wait while we enjoy the rest of the park.

Will we go again?

You bet!



  1. We queue more than 30 mins for fast pass and in the end we gave up and joined the normal queue and we queued for 2 hrs BUT it was a super fun ride! Had so much fun and indeed the best in Disneysea! :)



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