Reunion Dinner : A Time for reflection

Tonight is the night where we feast as a family.

Regardless of the meals we have for the past year, this is the meal we look forward to the most as it meant we can dine as a family.

For the longest time, the tradition lives on. Long time ago the family used to have dishes prepared for the reunion. These days it is being replace by steamboat dinner.  The communal feeling of sitting down at the same table , cooking and sharing a meal is a great way to bond. This is especially so when each of us have our own families and sitting down as one it a rare luxury rather than the norm.

The reunion dinner is made even more special when all the family members gathers. This year reunion was different from the past. It was a little muted as we had recently lost the boys 外公. It is moments like this that  makes you ponder about the significance of Reunion Dinner.

It does not matter what is on the menu for Reunion Dinner. It is the company that counts in this instance. Use this opportunity to reconnect with one another. Treasure the moments spend with the family, no matter how big or small. You never know if you can do the same for the next year.

Here are a few classic selection of reunion dinner / cny videos to get you in the mood for the feat tonight.



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