Top 100 Parenting Blog in the world

A surprise email arrived last week.

We were told that we were picked as one of the Top parenting blog globally by Feedspot. In case you are unaware Feedspot is an alternative to the now defunct Google Reader. The site is a social feed reader that complies read from a variety of online sources. This effectively means it has a huge database of blogs. To be chosen as a top 100 parenting blog in the world is a great achievement to us.
Given the humble background of the blog; one that is entirely self funded and generally a one man show (with 2 very Wacky boys and a supportive wife) , it is a great honour to have one's personal hobby to be recognized not only locally but globally.

We are not the only ones from Singapore that is on the list. Our friends from Life Tiny Miracles , CheekieMonkies and several other local family blogs are on it as well.

For a full listing of the top 100 parenting blogs, do visit the link here.

And if you could, bookmark all of them as it provides a wonderful resource of parents , both old and new, young and old. As per the article:

These blogs will give you insight to other’s parents lives and show you how they struggle with everyday problems. These parents are sharing warm, funny and instructive experiences on how they are raising their children.

Last but not least, thank you readers for following us through these years. With your continuous support, we hope we can continue to share our wacky journey as a family.
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MaxPartnerships said...

Where is your Top 100 parenting Blog? This is frustrating

TWD said...

The link to the article is at