Uncle Ringo iLight Carnival at the Bay Review


If you were born in Singapore from the 1980s, you would probably have heard of Uncle Ringo and his carnival games. Along your growing up years, you may had been to one of this carnival in your neighbourhood pasar malam. From bumper cars to mini pirate ships, this travelling amusement park was the poster child for the theme park that Singapore never had before Universal Studios came to town.

Uncle Ringo is still growing strong and celebrated more than 30 years of being in the carnival business since 1984. This week, they will bring the travelling amusement to the heart of Marina Bay in conjunction with i Light Marina Bay. It will set up shop at the Bayfront event  space between MBS and the Marina Bay City Gallery from now to 27 March.
If you think Uncle Ringo is just a brand name, think again.
Say hi to Mr Ringo Lee, the man behind the Uncle Ringo brand of fun.

For those who still do not know what Uncle Ringo is all about, here is a little guide.

Kids Rides
It is about amusement for kids!

 Some of the notable rides include the unique Helter Skelter slide and the bright and colourful carousel.

For younger kids, the trackless choo choo train will surely entice them.

Choo Choo Train
As for the boys , a few rounds around the swing will always bring a smile on their face.
Family Rides

Uncle Ringo carnival rides are not only for kids, adults will enjoy having a go at it too.

From the docile Tea Cups to the scary Journey of Thrills, bumper cars  and the Legendary Meteorite, there are rides that suits the young and old.

Amusement games

Rides are not the only hit in Uncle Ringo.

Not when you can win a plushie from the amusement games. Pit your basketball skills, pitching skills and accuracy to win a prize.

It is a myth that you cannot win at Carnival games as we had witness.

Even The Wacky Duo had a go at it and won Baymax!

To play the games, get your top up cards from the ticket booth. You can buy the prepaid $20 or $50 card. Each ride and games cost from $5 onwards. So check the price first and purchase the right card that you need.

Singapore's own version of the fame Luna Park  will surely add glitter to i Light Marina Bay and make the event more family friendly.

Operating Hours (Till 27 March)
6:00pm - 10:30pm (weekdays)
5:00pm - 11:00pm (weekends)

Uncle Ringo
i Light Marina Bay Highlights

Other than Uncle Ringo carnival games, you can also head to the bay to play some old school game of ping pong and bubbles.
Let's play Ping Pong
Other than Uncle Ringo carnival games, you can also head to the bay to play some old school kampong game of ping pong and bubbles.

The main attractions will be the 25 light installations for i Light Marina Bay 2016.

Angel on Marina Bay
If you are press for time and cannot see all the attractions around the bay, just head to the promontory to be an Angel or be wow over the Giant Moon Ball
Moon over Marina

Along the way , you can write messages that light up at The Unveiled Beauty,

... or be in awe of lighting like installation known as  'The Bolt'.

The Bolt
If you are tired after all the walk and would like to take a rest, there is the Royal Tea House nested in the middle of the promontory to entice you in.

i Light Marina will have even more extra events from this weekend onward. There is the international Jazz Festival for the music buffs , Pasabella for the foodie, Marina Waterfront Bazaar for the shopaholic, yoga or spartan challenges for the fitness buffs and lots more!

For the full list of events, do head down to i Light Marina Bay official page.

The Wacky Duo was treated to rides and games at Uncle Ringo for this review. No Monetary compensation was given. All opinions are of our own.


wongty said...

I'd rather play rollercoaster tycoon that go to this joke of a carnival.

TWD said...

It may not be world class but nothing beats a real life experience compared to playing on phones or tablets. Life is more than just apps...

Helen seah said...

Thanksfor your review. We went last night and my kids had so much fun and even won a minion toy wearing a crown that was so cute!

Zac said...

You must be fun at parties wongty or do you only attend Sims Party?

TWD said...

Glad you like it !

Anonymous said...

What's the opening hours of the carnival? And when's the last date of operation?

Unknown said...

What time do they open? :)

TWD said...

Bayfront Event Space

: 6:00pm - 10:30pm (weekdays)
: 5:00pm - 11:00pm (weekends)

TWD said...

Bayfront Event Space

6:00pm - 10:30pm (weekdays)
5:00pm - 11:00pm (weekends)

Unknown said...

Till which date is this carnival?

Anonymous said...

Hope you get something for your life out of these apps....

TWD said...

27 March

devilstorm said...

Seems like u r the joke now

Anonymous said...

do we have to pay to go in?

TWD said...

Entrance is free :)

Anonymous said...

May i know the exact pricing for each of the games ?

TWD said...

We do not have the full price list. Rides range from $5/6 for the simpler ones to as much as $10 for bumper cars. Most carnival games are price at $5

Unknown said...

Whenis this event end

Anonymous said...

Hi are we able to top the card if we run out of amount from the initial purchase of the card?

_Sherryxy_ said...

Hi!! Is it open on good friday?

TWD said...

Not too sure . You might like to check with them on their Facebook page

TWD said...

Yes you can top up the card :)

Anna said...


Unknown said...

is the carnival still there?

Unknown said...

is the carnival still there?

TWD said...

It's there during this year Ilights . It's a smaller scale for this year too.