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Lego Disney Minifigures - Feel Guide

It's finally here!
LEGO Disney Minifigures has landed in Singapore.

We had been collecting LEGO Minifigures since special themes are introduced to the line of LEGO Minifigures series. As before, we will be providing a guide to how to get your favourite Lego Disney Minifgure. The difference from the past is that we had decided to get a whole box for ourselves. After all this is probably the best license minifigures till date. We have no doubt that this will be highly popular too given the Disney connections.

Most of the Disney minifigures are available for the first time. With the lack of probable Disney box sets on the horizons. This would be the only opportunity you can get for now to get your hand on LEGO Disney Minifigures.

What's in the box?

Lego Disney Minifigures
As before, we will be providing a quick feel guide. If you are like me, you would probably find this handy when you are doing your finger exercise in stores trying to get your hands on your favourite minifigure. Having felt my way through a couple of series, the experiences had come in handy to do this review.

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Do note all the reviews are made under our own expenses. This is not a sponsored post (although LEGO, if you like what we did, we are open to a collaboration #justsaying #THISISAHINT)

The Lego Disney Minifigure series comes in a set of 18 vs the 'normal' 16 characters in the past.  It comprises of Disney Animated classic characters and Disney Pixar inspired Heros and Villians. The minifigures from Disney Animated classic characters are the iconic Mickey Mouse, Minnie Mouse, Donald Duck and Daisy Duck. From Disney TV and movies series, there is Alice, Cheshire Cat, Peter Pan, Captain Cook, Aladdin, Genie, Ursula, Ariel, Stitch and Maleficent.

Form the Disney Pixar range there is Buzz Lightyear, Alien, Mr Incredible and Syndrome.

From the list, you could see that this is quite an impressive list. Given Disney 's arsenal of characters, it would not be surprising to see LEGO Disney minifigures series 2 or 3. With characters such as Pluto, Goofy, Mulan from Disney as well as Pixar characters such as the cast from Inside Out and Big Hero 6, the possibilities are endless.

LEGO Disney feel guide

As before, each blind bag comes with one Lego Minifigure, a base plate and a mini poster which shows all the characters and instructions to build selected characters. For those who are interested in LEGO lore, this is the first time the LEGO minifigure characters guide is in landscape form and not portrait form.

The Feel Guide
Without future ado, here is a quick guide to get your favourite characters.

1 Stitch
LEGO Disney Stitch
Stitch is the main protagonist in the Lilo & Stitch franchise. Originally created to create chaos, he is now seen as one of Disney familiar character. He is one of the more honest interpretation of the cartoon version. However, no one really know what he really is... but we do.

He is an alien and that makes technically 2 aliens in the series . Bet you do not know that!

Feel Guide
  • Short Legs (Cannot be move ) . Only 3 characters have short legs in this series,Stitch , Alien and Cheshire Cat
  • Big head with long ears

2 Alien
LEGO DisneyAlien
Alien is from Pixar Toy Story. They are found in crane machines in Toystory. They are otherwise known as Little Green Men.

Feel Guide
  • Short Legs
  • Feel for the antenna on the Big Head

This is not Alien first appearance in LEGO, it had appeared in the Toy Story LEGO range before. The difference would be the new uniform the LEGO minifigure is wearing.

3 Buzz Lightyear

LEGO Disney Buzz Lightyear

'To infinity and beyond!' Woody's faithful sidekick (or is it the other way around ) in Toy Story.

Feel Guide
  • The rectangular shape wings are a tell take sign. Feel them and you will get Buzz. 
  • Feel the body suit to confirm

Like Alien, Buzz Lightyear had appeared in LEGO before. Honestly we prefer the old Buzz as it resembles the original character. The new rendition makes Buzz looks like an anonymous  minifigure much unlike the character we love.

This LEGO Disney Minifigure series encourages collection of the Minifigure in pairs. If you are getting Buzz Lightyear, Alien is a must add addition to your collection.

4 Aladdin
LEGO Disney Aladdin

Aladdin first appearance is in a 1992 film, titled ' Aladdin'. For younger generations, they would probably scratch their heads over this character. Older folks like me would appreciate the nostalgic touch behind this selection.

Feel Guide
  • The vessel is a good accessory to identify. However, do note the similarities between Aladdin and the Genie. Feel for his legs to confirm
  • His headpiece is also unique with a circular shape on top.

5 Genie
LEGO Disney Genie

The genie is the vessel that can grant you wishes. It's great the genie makes an appearance as it is a silent tribute to the late Robin Williams who was the voice of Genie. One thing we do not quite get it is the odd shape ' helmet head' for the Genie. It might be better if that is omitted as it make the genie look like it is wearing a Roman helmet.

 One more thing, why is the Genie holding a vessel?

Feel Guide
  • The vessel as per how Aladdin is identified
  • Feel the odd shape legs for confirmation (he is the only one with this legs)
  • The hair piece is detached from the 'helmet' head unlike the picture below

For collectors, Aladdin and Genie would be the pair to grant your wishes.

6 Maleficent
LEGO Disney Maleficent

A throwback to the 1950s, Maleficent is better known as the evil witch in Sleeping Beauty. She has gone solo for this series. Don't be surprise if Snow White and the 7 dwarfs made their appearance in the next. Among all the characters, this one takes the cake in terms of design. We love her headpiece!

Feel Guide
  • She is the only one wearing a dress. Forget about the headpiece, the triangular bottom half of the dress would identify her
  • If you want to be doubly sure, feel for her magic staff. Note it is a three=part staff consist of a diamond, a top portion and a long stick. The photo below shows how the staff looks like when join

7 Alice
LEGO Disney Alice

Joining Maleficent from the Golden Age from the 50s would be Alice from Alice in Wonderland. Honestly, she might be a stranger to kids today. Ask 10 kids below 10 about the story of Alice and you would be lucky to find one that knows the tale. Regardless it is about time Alice joins the LEGO family given her 'age'.

Feel Guide

  • The bottle that she is holding is a dead giveaway
  • To confirm look out for the 1 x 1 circular cookie she is holding

8 Cheshire Cat

LEGO Disney Cheshire Cat

Accompanying Alice would be Cheshire Cat. Honestly I do not know much about this mysterious cat especially how he got his purple strips.However in terms of appearance, it is very close to its original rendition.

Feel Guide
  • The tail. Feel for a rectangular shape accessory with a rubber tail attached. 
  • Short Legs would confirm that it is Cheshire Cat.

Alice and Cheshire Cat is a pair. They will be great for those looking for pieces that symbolizes the Golden Age of entertainment.

9 Daisy Duck
LEGO Disney Daisy Duck
Here is the first piece that defines Disney magic. Meet Donald Duck's love interest, Daisy. A little fact that would probably throw you off the loop, Daisy was created as Donald Duck brother in law sister. Confused?

So am I.

Feel Guide
  • The beak to determine that she is one of the duck
  • The bow tie which will distinguish her from Donald

10 Donald Duck
LEGO Disney Donald Duck

The famous sidekick to Mickey Mouse, Disney iconic character. He might not reach the height of Micky's fame, but he is very well like in his own right. Together with Mickey and their spouses, this will make a very popular and hard to find minifigure.

Feel Guide
  • The beak to determine that he is one of the duck
  • The jelly bean shape hat. It is easier to feel the 1x1 circular hole underneath rather than the bean shape hat itself

Donald goes hand in hand with Daisy, so collect them both. To complete the gang, it is wise to collect Mickey and Minne too.

11 Minnie Mouse
LEGO Disney Minnie Mouse

Meet the wife of Mickey Mouse. Least you argue that the pair is not married, Walt Disney himself confessed that in 1931.

Feel Guide
  • The ears are a dead giveaway for the pair of mice
  • Feel the bow to confirm that it is mini

12 Mickey Mouse
LEGO Disney Mickey Mouse
Who would have thought a mouse would kickoff what is probably one of the most successful franchise for decades? Still very much popular even in the 21st century, it is hard to believe that he is almost 88 years old! It's about time Disney and LEGO come together and create Mickey in LEGO form. A stroke of genius I say.... that said it would probably be difficult to find one of these in stores due to his popularity.

Feel Guide
  • The ears are a dead giveaway
  • There are only three piece to find. Be careful, you might mistake stitch for Mickey. Just feel his moveable legs for confirmation.

There is a hole on both Minnie and Mickey's head. Don't be alarm, it is not a design flaw as it is meant for Mickey to put on hats.

Since Mickey and Minnie are married, you should collect them as a pair. Don't forget Donald and Daisy and bring them to Disneyland the next time you are there!

13 Mr Incredible
LEGO Disney

Are you still waiting for The Incredible 2?
So are we... since 2004!

Thankfully there is news that they will be back in 2019. in the meantime, you can get Mr Incredible for this LEGO Disney series. To be honest, I thought he was Flash when I first saw him, He is missing the bulk of Mr Incredible and the head shape could be more realistic (aka Buzz Lightyear).

Can't wait to complete the family?
Get a couple of him and replace the hair piece to get the rest of them. In any case come 2019, when 'The Incredible 2 'releases, this might actually be a valuable piece.

Feel Guide
  • This is probably the easiest to feel with his  standard headpiece and body
  • The square printed tile would be the piece to confirm if you got the real deal

14 Syndrome 
LEGO Disney Syndrome
Mr Incredible nemesis in The incredible is looking super cool in his gear. The hairpiece is pretty realistic and could be use for Japanese manga characters.

Feel Guide
  • He is the only character with square printed tile
  • The hairpiece would be the difference from Mr Incredible

Get both Mr Incredible and Syndrome together for an epic battle!

15 Peter Pan
LEGO Disney Peter Pan

Rounding up the 1950s team would be Peter Pan and Captain Cook. Peter Pan is the boy that never grows up in Never Land. Some say he is probably in his 60s now, but you could not tell from his boyish appearance

Feel Guide
  • The daggers would be a dead giveaway. Do note the daggers comes in a pair that is stuck together as a singular piece. So don't feel for a single dagger but two daggers side by side link by a smallish piece in between
  • The cone shape headpiece would be another tell-tale sign for Peter Pan

16 Captain Hook
LEGO Disney Captain Hook
Before 'Pirates of the Caribbean' got famous, there is Captain Hook. Captain Hook is the definitive Pirate's captain and the arch enemy of Peter Pan.

Feel Guide
  • You can't go wrong with the headpiece. It is massive curve hat and hair piece is unique to him.
  • You can feel the sword for confirmation, but it is really not necessary

 Another epic battle scene can be created with Peter Pan and Captain Hook, so get them both to complete the scene.

17 Ursula
LEGO Disney Ursula
Meet Ursula, the evil sea witch that has octopus's tentacles for legs. She probably has the best body part in the series. Who can beat Octopus tentacles?

Feel Guide
  • The large Octopus tentacles is distinct to Ursula
  • Feel the Trident for confirmation

18 Ariel
LEGO Disney
If you are familiar with the Mermaid from LEGO Movie Minifigures series, you would probably find Ariel familiar. They both have similar parts and accessories. Ariel had appeared in LEGO Friends series before but we do not have one for comparison. This version is not too bad imho. Given her popularity among the ladies, she would be a rare find.

Feel Guide
  • The tail piece is easily identified
  • The shell and the diamond would help to confirm

The sea beings belong together. Get Ursula and Ariel together for an underwater scene.
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How to get a full set of LEGO Disney Minifigures (without burning a hole in the wallet)

1 Go the traditional touch and feel route
The thrill of getting the full set on your own is the search for it. However, with the ever growing popularity of LEGO, this might be a tough route to take as the popular pieces will often 'disappear' very quickly if open. The best stores to get are at the LEGO certified stores and Toys R us. You could even get discount off the $5.50 price if you have membership in LEGO certified stores.

2 Go get a set at reasonable price at Carousell
There are good buys from Carousell. If you get it early, you still can get a decent set at fair value. Since the retail price is $5.5 a piece, you are paying close to retail price. Do get it earlier as price tends to appreciate after a few weeks. Getting from Carousell also save you the numerous trips (and travel expenses) you would otherwise have made in your hunt for the minifigures.

3 Get a box set

The contents of a full box as follows
4 Stitch
4 Alien
3 Buzz Lightyear
3 Aladdin
4 Genie
3 Maleficent
3 Alice
3 Cheshire Cat
3 Donald Duck
3 Daisy Duck
4 Mickey Mouse
3 Minnie Mouse
4 Syndrome
4 Mr Incredible
3 Peter Pan
3 Captain Hook
3 Ursula
3 Ariel

You would have spares, but you would also have 3 full sets. Box retails at $330 but you could get discounts from shops that offers membership. If history repeats itself, getting a full box now would probably have meant a long waiting list. Most of the boxes are already prebook by collectors or *ahem* scalpers. Nonetheless, if you can get a box, make it more economical by sharing it with a friend or two.

4 Get a full Box at Legoland Disney Malaysia
If you are a premium LEGO member , you can get it at Myr 774 across the causeway at Legoland Malaysia. At today's exchange rate, price would be around $265. A whopping 20 % off local retail price.

Final Words
No doubt the Disney Minifigures would be a popular draw given it's familiarity. With both giants combine, the LEGO Disney Minifigure is a must have for Disney and LEGO fans.

The least popular pieces would ironically be the 'older' characters such as Peter Pan, Alice, Captain Hook, Aladdin and Genie. Given that today's generation might have not known about them , getting them for younger kids would be a tough sell compared to the alternatives on hand. On the other hands, the Disney core gang of Mickey and Donald would be highly popular. Finding a full set at the department stores might be tougher than you think as the popular pieces such as the Disney icons Mickey and Donald would disappear within minutes when a new box open.

Once you have the full set, don't store it behind some permanent case, instead we recommend to put it in a LEGO Minifigure carrying case for display and easy access.

Happy hunting!


  1. Thank you so much for this! I have been on the hunt. I have all the characters now, except Buzz, with no duplicates. And all 3 of my boys want their own Buzz. I will use your tips to try and hunt him down. I've gotten pretty good at being able to feel the legos. Everywhere is sold out tho so it's so hard!!! I do hope they continue! I love the Disney ones so much!

  2. thanks i will use these tips next time i go hunting for minifigs


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