Raising boys : A Daddy's perspective

Let you in on a secret.

I always love the thought of having a girl as part of the family. The notion of having M's Angel is one that had been on my wishlist since I married. It had always been a dream to walk my 'daughter' down the isle.

Alas it was not meant to be ...all thanks to all the coffee I religiously took - read caffeine and sex of baby . Instead of M 's Angel , I ended up with 2 Mini me. On hindsight, it was a great trade as I can discard the search for a replica shotgun that I might need whenever my 'daughter's' date arrive at the door.

So what is it like to raise 2 sons?

Expect competition
The boys are very competitive among themselves. They want to outperform each other on numerous occasions. The level of testosterone in the family are up several notches. It is hard to dissuade them from these competition .As usual with intense competition, comes the fights. At their tender age, their desire to win all the time is hard to suppress . The main challenge will be to channel their competitiveness to the right direction.

Double trouble
When the two boys are fighting, it means more headaches for the parents. When they decide to be in cahoots , expect trouble to double. Tag teaming tends to bring out little schemes that are least expected.

Like they say, double the trouble, double the fun... no?

Strong pair of hands in the household
As the boys grow older and less reliance on Daddy to carry them, the tables have turned. Now they come in handy when doing groceries shopping especially when there are more than a few bags to carry. With each of them pulling their own weight , shopping and travel seems a whole load lighter.

No Daddy's Angels , but Mommy's boys
Ok, I admit. Boys are closer to mom than to dad. It's not a theory but a fact since I had experienced that with them. As a dad, you can play with them, wrestle them, educate them, joke with them. However when it comes to matters of the heart, it's Mommy that matters. No prizes for guessing who is the favourite in the household when you have a room of many boys and one girl.

Rough play ahead
Forget about masak masak or afternoon tea. Nerf gun battles, xbox games and jedi training takes place occasionally in the household. A bruise or two does not stop the boys from having their adrenaline high.

Let's share our toys
One good thing ( there are many good things, but this is worth highlighting) that having boys in the house is the excuse to buy toys... in particular toys that Daddy likes to. It is a great excuse for a Dad to catch up with childhood with LEGO , transformers and star wars toys. Having boys give me the license to buy toys that I like to share with the boys... just do not tell mom.

It's a boys world
The movies that are played in the household includes Marvel Avengers, The Flash, Ip Man , etc. It's either that or football on Saturday night. There is no 'ladies night' in the week in the household. Sorry Mom.

Passing down a 'heirloom'
Having boys means I am able to pass down my 'treasures' to them. From the watches I own, the camera gear to the toy collection (LEGO!), they have their place on the Will. Other hand me downs include clothes , bags and accessories provided that they are still 'fashionable' when the kids grow up. Before I forget, I guess I would be using the car less often once they turn 18.

One cannot deny that it is a lively house when the majority of the household are males. It is rare to have a quiet day at home . Normally shouts of joys, scream of delights and cries from fighting fill the air at irregular intervals. It may be painful on the ear drums on certain days, but if truth be told. I would not want it any other way.

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