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FairPrice Housebrand Fan Challenge

For parents, saving a dime or two is something we do when possible. With 2 kids in tow, the cost of living in Singapore can be astronomical. So any amount saved could go a long way towards the children’s education funds.

It is the same philosophy we adopt when we do grocery shopping. Grocery shopping has been a bi-weekly affair in the household. However, when shopping for essentials, we have found several methods to knock a few cents off our final bill.

One of the most effective ways to generate the highest savings without sacrificing quality is to look for Housebrand. When shopping at FairPrice, we always look out for Housebrand as they usually provide the best value for money. The good news is that regardless FairPrice, FairPrice Finest, FairPrice Xtra or FairPrice Xpress; you can be sure to find a few good deals in stores.

For those who are unaware, Housebrand does not confine to toiletries and disposables. FairPrice has various Housebrand products that cater for the budget-to conscious and discerning taste. The most popular brand will be the FAIR PRICE HOUSEBRAND, which offers a wide range of household items that give you good quality, the best prices at all times. Other brands include the affordable BUDGET range, quality homeware and hardware from HOME PROUD, fresh products from PASAR, organic choices from PASAR ORGANIC and premium products from FAIR PRICE GOLD.

For a full range of FairPrice household products, click here.

We do have our own favourites in terms of Housebrand. , I would look out for FairPrice Housebrand due to its proven quality at a pocket-friendly price. The munchies and coffee mix are a hit as they accompany me through the late nights of the European Cup.

As for the wifey, her favourite would be the essentials, such as the Lavender scented anti- bacterial hand soap and the soft facial tissues.

The boys have their obvious favourites, with chips being their target every time we hit the stores. 

Housebrand quality has improved over time. Today you can even get food items with healthier choices and trans fat-free labels. However, going for better value means you can maintain quality.

We ransacked the kitchen cabinets and found more FairPrice-branded items in them. It had been a subconscious choice for us to choose FairPrice when grocery shopping. That makes us fans of Housebrand products.

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