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NEW Marine Cove @ East Coast Park : Playground and Restaurants Guide

After a 4 years hiatus, Marine Cove again opens its doors to the public.

If you have been to the old Marine Cove, you probably remember Mcdonald's, a bowling alley, a mini amusement park with claw machines (where I learn my trade) and a wide array of restaurants. This was the most happening spot in East Coast Park during its heydays. Thus when the time came for it to be demolished, there were heartaches all around Singapore.

When news flows that Marine Cove is reopening this weekend, there were many oohs and ahhs when a mega FREE outdoor playground was unveiled within its 21,500 sqm vicinity.

Does it live up to its hype?

The Playground

In the past, Marine Cove's eccentric mix of tenants meant limited running space for kids. Sure, there is a playground at the old Mcdonalds, but it can only fit 10 kids simultaneously. The new 3500 sq meters playground will still feel spacious with 200 kids simultaneously.

The star of the playground would be the 3-storey play tower at the centre of the garden. The building is connected to a rope bridge and 3 slides of different levels. Access to the top can also be made through a funnel net in the middle.

The playground is purposely built for kids of varying ages up to 12. For younger kids, more accessible climbing structures are available. The different formats provide a variety of experiences for the children.
Slides for younger kids

Not only does it caters to different age groups, but the playground also caters to children of different abilities to play together. For example, inclusive play equipment, such as swings with safety harnesses, provides security. Other special needs-friendly equipments include sensory play panels that create a sense of discovery, motor skills, hand-eye coordination, rhythm and movement.

Sensory play panels
Talking Tubes
Mini Maze
With acres of space and orientation towards the open sea, this playground provides a breezy option for families with young kids due to the open nature of the garden. Bring the kids in early or late evening to avoid the afternoon sun.

There are also standalone toilet facilities with cubicles built for the kids. Toilets and showering facilities are available. As per the public toilets found in other East Coast parts, toilet paper is NOT available in the individual stalls but near the entrance. More often than not, it would be empty, so do carry your tissues for emergencies.

If you spot these round rings around the park, note that they are meant for bicycles.

Overall, this playground reminds me of the gardens we found in Australia. It has acres of space for kids to move and has enough stations to challenge their mobility. The only thing that needs to be added is water play, which is a curious omission given that it has a beachfront location. The play structures are relatively familiar. In terms of design, it is pretty generic and looks good compared to the smaller playgrounds around Singapore. A pity considering its potential. A more adventurous theme, such as a seaside or a nautical theme, would have been great for this space.

It is one of many MEGA outdoor playgrounds in town. Other mega playgrounds such as Pasir Ris park, West Coast park and the children's playground at Gardens by the Bay comes to mind. However, given its location and the range of restaurants nearby, it will undoubtedly be one of the more popular ones in town.

The Restaurants

Like the old Marine Cove, there are a host of family-friendly F&B establishments with dining concepts ranging from local favourites to Western café food. The five dining outlets, which will open progressively from 28 June onwards, include Babalicious, Hill Street Coffee Shop, McDonald's, My Briyani House and The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf. They are all housed in the elongated building where the old bowling alley once stood.


Fall in love with Mcdonald's all over again at Marine Cove. This Mcdonald's is unique in Singapore, offering more than just a happy meal.

Mcdonald's Marine Cove
Salad bars, unique sandwiches, and cakes make this a must-visit place for Mcdonald's fans. This upscale Macdonald's is one of its kind in Singapore!

The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf
The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf
With over 200 seats comprising indoor and outdoor seating, you can chill all day with your favourite beverage here.

Hill Street Coffee Shop
Hill Street Coffee Shop
For a more localised version of Kopi, Hill Street Coffee shop will be your best bet. Enjoy signature local delights such as Steamed Kaya Butter Bread Set, Kampong Rendang Chicken Nasi Lemak and Laksa here.

Whipping up authentic Peranakan Cuisine with Hainanese Chicken Rice, this restaurant includes a play area for kids to complement the more extensive playground at its doorsteps.

My Briyani House

My Briyani house is a HALAL-certified restaurant specialising in Indian - Muslim food such as prata, goreng, nasi briyani and signature curry fish head.

There may be fewer F & B Outlets than in the past, but it covers most essential food.

Getting there
Source: NPARKS
The only way to Marine Cove is via ECP Service Road. There are two carparks on either side, Carpark C2 and Carpark C3. Alternatively, you can park at Marine Parade estate and take the underpass to the location. There might be more parking, but with only one road, anticipate traffic delays on the way to Marine Cove, especially the next few weekends. Given its newness, it could be a chaotic mess with eager Singaporeans checking the location out.

Once the hype is over, this will be a great place to bring kids whenever you need to relax.

Chill and Marine Cove, anyone?


  1. Park at the marine parade estate? Hello... not helping at all.. do u know how big is marine parade???

    1. I knew i should have attached the whole map of Marine Parade and tag all car parks , directions and distance to the playground . Then again this is a playground review , not a parking guide . There is always Google map to check . For those who actually drive , they would park at either near old marine parade library ( now NTUC ) or near Blk 18 Marine Terrace as both has underpass linking near the playground . But do prepare to walk , I do not want to be liable for the distance as it is much further than clicking Google Map to check :)

  2. Nice recreation for growing children. But try not to go on sunny weather for long duration play. It's very hot! And lastly,there's no ATM machines available. So upset.

  3. How can we get to the East Coast Lagoon Village from here? Also, which area is the Lagoon Village in?

    1. East Coast Lagoon is quite a distance away . It's located near Bedok exit ( from ecp ) and there are car parks there. Usually pack during weekend and famous for hawker fare

  4. Is the bus 401 bus stop near the marine cove?

    1. Yes it is. Very near the playground

  5. Bus 401 runs only on Saturday (I think from 12 noon till 10 pm) and Sunday (I think from 2 pm till 8 pm). Not sure if it runs on the public holiday.


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