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Thinkasaur - Science subscription box reviewed

If We were to sum up what Thinkasaur is all about in one line, that would be it .

Thinkasaur is a subscription base science experiments that aims to bring science to your doorstep on a monthly basis. Created with the aim to help children gain critical thinking. , innovation and problem solving skill through science based hands on activities.

Having reviewed a few subscription boxes before , we found this science base experiments approach refreshing and highly engaging . My boys age 6 and 9 are at an age where 'curiosity' could very well be their middle name . With practical and interesting science experiments, it helps them to engage in real life trials and errors to figure how things work . Compared to e-lessons on an iPad or electronic device , this  Learn and  Play activity is highly encouraged.

Inside the box

What is in a Thinkasaur Box
Each Thinkasaur box comes with 3-4 science experiments . Everything you need to complete an experiment  are provided . We particularly like the clear instruction as well as the difficulty guide . This would be most useful as a guide when it comes to doing the experiments with kids.

In a nutshell, it has everything you need to kickstart a science experience right away.

There is also  a learning guide packed with fun facts and tidbits behind the science experiments.

We reviewed the magnet package . It was a breeze getting through them and both boys enjoy the time spend . Although the suggested age is for 7-10 years Old  , we do find it is also suitable for younger kids.
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In one full session , the boys got to learn the properties of magnets , how magnets work , how to utilize them . 

 It was so much fun that we did 3 experiments at a go! 

Each experiments takes about 30 minutes to 1 hour to complete. It would be wise to space out the experiments in separate days. The whole session took us close to 2 hours to complete.

In between the experiments , they even managed to conjure their own experiments.

Make your own experiments
With 12 themes a year , it will be a treasure trove for parents to engage in different experiments throughout the year . With its well pack experiments ,parents do not need to search high and low for things to do for family bonding. Simply unpack an experiment and we are good to go . You can also reseal the package and used it again in the future.

Different box for different month

THINKASAUR box can be order online here .

Get a startup box at $48 to experiment . If it matches your needs , enroll for a yearly subscription for cost savings . Instead of toys for Christmas , the gift of learning would be a good choice too for kids .
Halloween Box
For readers who are keen to start off , you might want to pick up the Halloween boxes at a generous discount of 30 %. It will be a great way to embark on this science journey with kids ! 

The Wacky Duo were provided samples of the Subscription box for review only. All opinions are of our own

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